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I hope you went out, smiling. Like a child, into the cool remnant of a dream.

To live in an old shack by the sea
And breathe the sweet salt air
To live with the dawn and the dusk
The new moon and the full moon
The tides the wind and the rain…
To surf and comb the beach
And gather sea shells and drift-wood
And know the thrill of loneliness
And lose all sense of time
And be free

To hike over the island to the village
And visit the marketplace
And enjoy the music and the food and the people
And do a little trading
And see the great ships come and go
And, man, have me a ball

And in the evening
When the sky is on fire
Heaven and earth become my great open cathedral
Where all men are brothers
Where all things are bound by law
And crowned with love
Poor, alone and happy
I walk by the surf and make a fire on the beach
And as darkness covers the face of the deep
Lie down in the wild grass
And dream the dream that the dreamers dream

I am the wind, the sea, the evening star
I am everyone
no one.

I heard the narrator of the poem above at the end of an episode of season 1 of Fargo and it was so peaceful I thought I hope as she slipped away into eternal sleep it was a peaceful and painless transformation. It’s not been easy to address the loss of Jesse Jaee till now almost a full month later.

Putting her on the cover of MK was not only a very wise business decision it was a wise personal decision. See, I did not know at the time and leaned years later from Adella Curry her former publicist, that we were the first magazine to put her on the cover. From the time we interviewed in 2004 at the AVN AEE in Las Vegas she was always smiling and friendly to us as the years went by. She was always all smiles and lit up the room wherever she was. Sans the times that TMZ stalked her while she was out having a good time. Jesse was the reason I was invited to my first Chicago Cubs game. Later I’d be invited on Showtimes Family Business and would be featured in many other industry magazines including Variety, AVN etc.

July 4th 2005 with Jesse Jane and Kelly D on a rooftop for the Chicago Cubs

Alexis Texas, Adrian as Marcus and myself as Willy (Bad Santa) and Jesse Jane

There’s the laugh and the smile of the illuminating Jesse Jane

As beautiful and fun as ever

Jesse distinguished herself as one of the few adult film stars to successfully transition into mainstream Hollywood. In 2003, she had an uncredited appearance in Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding and appeared in the reality TV series Family Business.  In 2004, Jane made a cameo appearance in the film Starsky & Hutch, appeared on the cover of Drowning Pool‘s second studio album Desensitized, and in the music video for Drowning Pool’s single Step Up.  She was a guest star on the HBO dramedy series Entourage. She also appeared in the reality TV series Bad Girls Club and Gene Simmons Family Jewels.

In a 2009 CNBC documentary titled Porn: Business of Pleasure, Jane is the focus of the final six-minute segment, which details her career and her life outside the porn industry.  Later that year she appeared in the film Middle Men.  In 2011 she appeared in the film Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star.

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