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As founder of MK ULTRA Magazine Alex Zander has acted as publisher, editor, promoter, sales executive and made all distributions deals and oversaw all staff operations.

Established in 1995 mk ultra magazine was an born when alternative music became mainstream this publication became considered, dark, and or underground or part of a subculture, which is in part true, but the body of work itself defies definition. Once dubbed the most anti establishment publication of it’s kind mk ultra magazine always danced on the edge of what was considered acceptable by the status quo, and it always will.

MK ULTRA started out as only a 28 page newsprint tabloid with a small run of only 250 copies published in Pittsburgh, PA. By the summer of 1995 (and two issues) MK ULTRA received national recognition and subscriptions over the world. Till 2000 it was available free.

By 2001 MK ULTRA was nearly 100 pages per issue with full color glossy cover and centerfold and worldwide distribution with Tower Records and Desert Moon Publications becoming distributed worldwide and also sponsored 2 national tours headlined by Invisible Records artist, Pigface.  The cover price was $5 per issue.

In 1999 they produced and hosted an hour long weekly radio program, MK ULTRASOUND on FM station Rebel Radio WJKL 94.3. Later that year it was picked up by Flagstaff Arizona’s LOUD RADIO Network KLOD 100.1 FM and began syndication as the MK ULTRASOUND Radio Network known for it’s cutting edge non mainstream music, dark and sometimes controversial humor as well as in depth live uncensored interviews. The show ran until early 2002.

The MKULTRASOUND Podcast was launched in April of 2019. Weekly NSFW PodCast: 60 + minutes of uncensored, unrestrained, unregulated and unapologetic talk regarding topics ranging from social media hyper – hysteria and toxic sensitivity, the freedom of speech, entertainment and non -mainstream pop culture.

MKULTRASOUND was created by Alex Zander (Chicago) founder of MK ULTRA Magazine who serves as host and producer along with Executive Producer Too Dark Mark (New Orleans) video editing for YouTube by various editors. The show is recorded in Chicago at Studio D-Ablo and with production in Baton Rouge at ALAB Media.

Alex Zander Founder/CEO/Editor MK ULTRA Magazine

Host and Producer the MKULTRASOUND Podcast

Max Bravo VP Graphic Design and Photographer

“Detroit” Jason Kenski

Contributing Editor and MKULTRASOUND personality

Dave Parsons

Ohio Valley based Contributing Writer and Photographer

Cassie Balazic Photographer and Videographer/Editor

Too Dark Mark Williams Executive Producer for The MKULTRASOUND PodCast and Contributing Editor

Paul J. Baio Film Reviewer

Jason Harmon Contributing Editor and Associate producer the MKULTRASOUND PodCast