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 Emerging progressive metal band, Echosoul, releases their upcoming single, “Path of the Righteous”, to be followed by their second album, “Time of the Dragon”, out in November. Echosoul’s debut album featured a collaboration of mega artists, including Tim “Ripper” Owens of Judas Priest, Iced Earth, and Samus Paulicelli, and made its way to Album of the Year in Germany and Top 10 throughout Europe – listen to “The End of Darkness” HERE (released in 2020). 

Their new single continues their success with new single “Path of the Righteous”, a slamming metal-infused anthem that oozes of power and courage, and tells a tale of fighting for love in the most honorable way. “Path of the Righteous” is available on all major digital media distributors Apple Music, AmazonMusic, YouTube Music, and Spotify.

Described as progressive metal with a power metal base and hints of death metal and symphonic metal, Echo Soul layers textures from influences ranging from Iron Maiden, Priest, Queensyche, King Diamond, Sanctuary,  Nevermore, Iced Earth, and Dream Theater to Diviner. Echosoul combines elements of classic rock and metal in this release, with a unique modern twist in “Path of the Righteous.” Slamming drums from Tyler Witte give the track a heavy and infectious undertone, while vocals from Rob Lundgren bring dramatic emotion and power. Lyrics like “I am proud to suffer, I will die to defend her, the path of the righteous is all I desire. So here is all I am with all the pain buried deep, my armor covers up my scars” demonstrate Hinton’s ability to convey true raw emotion and pain within his lyrics, as well as tremendous courage. EchoSoul hopes to share that listeners can overcome any painful experience that stands in their way with this track.

“Find me a song written inside of suffering or struggle and you will find a song that will be worth hearing.” -Guy Hinton, creator, songwriter, and guitarist, EchoSoul

“Anything real or lived is part of your journey and is your testimony, sometimes best heard in a song.” -Guy Hinton, creator, songwriter, and guitarist, EchoSoul

EchoSoul is made up of creator, songwriter, and guitarist Guy Hinton (Apparition) and  Rob Lundgren (Reveal, The Mentalist) on lead vocals these two as the main duo, then supporting members Randy Walton on bass (BioGenesis, Letters To The Blind), Tyler Witte (Decade Divide, Masochist,) and Fabio Alessandrini (Annihilator)  sharing space on drums, and guests on the new album: guitarist Andy LaRoque (King Diamond), Giampieri Presilli (Steve Vai Touring musician) and Brady Gladieux (Masochist). Founded in 2019, originally as a collaborative band of both new and well-known artists, Echosoul is ready to hit the ground running with three new singles coming out throughout this summer and fall, and their second album set for November release. 

Lead and rhythm guitarist, Guy Hinton, originally from the band, Apparition, writes all of the music for EchoSoul.  Describing his writing success on “The Metal Forge” Podcast, Hinton says, “Writing was always in my blood. At the age of 16, I wrote riffs before I could play music.” 

Adding on his writing style, Guy shares, “The primary drive for writing songs is inspired through true-life experiences as well as emotion driven ideas.”. Speaking to the struggles and the victories, and the deep layers of humanity.”  EchoSoul’s debut album garnered major success internationally, across Germany and Europe, with special hit guests, and vocalist Rob Lundgren doing a majority of the vocals. 

“None of the songs are short. You will hear everything from melodic build-ups you get from an orchestra to complex riffing and double bass gallops of gigantic proportions.” -Guy Hinton, creator, songwriter, and guitarist, EchoSoul

Currently, EchoSoul is continuing to work on new music, and has finished the recording of their new album, and is mastering the last few tracks, in addition to that, they have actually recorded 4 additional songs for a possible 3rd album and a side project. Look for “Paths of the Righteous” on all streaming platforms, and more singles to follow preceding their next album out in September. EchoSoul will also release a lyric video in September for their hit single off of the EP.

About EchoSoul:

EchoSoul is a progressive metal band from Fort Wayne, Indiana. Formed in 2019 by lead and rhythm guitarist Guy Hinton, the band originally started as a collaboration among artists like Tim “Ripper” Owens (Judas Priest), Iced Earth, and Samus Paulicelli. Since premiering the first album with close to zero press, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the album still managed to make ‘Album of the Year’ in Germany and Top 10 all through Europe, even without any live touring support. EchoSoul is comprised of Guy Hinton (Apparition) as guitarist and songwriter, backing Vocals, and Rob Lundgren (Reveal, The Mentalist)  on Lead vocals, Randy Walton on bass (BioGenesis, Letters To The Blind), Tyler Witte (Decade Divide, Masochist,) and Fabio Alessandrini (Annihilator) on drums.

For more information on EchoSoul, please visit:

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