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Cloven Hoof- ‘Heathen Cross’ – High Roller Records – High Roller Records

Review by Detroit Jason Kenski

NWOBHM(New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) pioneers Cloven Hoof are releasing their 10th album ‘Heathen Cross’, May 31st, 2024 on High Roller Records. 

The 1st single off the album “Sabbat Stones” is a good indicator of what you are in for. Beginning with the drums of Ash Baker(who played lead guitars on 2020’s ‘Age Of Steel’), this track piqued my interest. The instrumental opening track “Benediction”,  track #2 “Redeemer”, track #5 “Darkest Before The Storm”, track #8 “Frost And Fire” and track #10 “The Summoning” are the standout tracks in my opinion on this album. New singer Harry “The Tyrant” Conklin(of JAG PANZER, SATAN’S HOST, THE THREE TREMORS fame) is a welcomed addition, and his vocals, as well as the guitar work of Chris Coss and lead guitarist Luke Hatton shows founding member and bassist Lee “Air” Payne takes the music seriously, and isn’t willing to live off the past. 

If you are a fan of fellow NWOBHMers ANGEL WITCH, SATAN and early IRON MAIDEN….you will dig this album. 

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