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Skull Riot Releases Music Video for “Same Old”

Los Angeles, CA (May 14, 2013) – Skull Riot has released their second single, “Same Old” today, an exhilarating song about paranoia, regret, and what could’ve been. “Skull Riot is a bone-crushing noisy band fronted by J. Ferron on bass and vocals. The band is a power-duo (bass and drums), high energy, heavy and fast, riff-driven, hard rock band that will make you headbang and scream yourself back to life!

“I am excited to say that our music video for “SAME OLD” is out! I had the pleasure to work with @bigazull as the cinematographer and editor, such a talented young man. We had the honor to have @coledahill acting again in this one (he’s the skeleton in our BLOOD AND CROWS video). And @sam_epstein91 making his camera debut as an Oscar-winning actor. Thank you all. We had so much fun. Hope you all like it. -J. Ferron, lead vocals and bassist for Skull Riot.

Described as electrifying hard rock, fans are often astonished to find that Skull Riot is only comprised of two members, J. Ferron who is the frontman, writer, bassist, mixer, and lead singer for the duo, and Sam Epstein on drums. With additional mixing and recording from collaborators Roberto de la Peña and 11 times Grammy nominee, Mauricio Garza, Skull Riot is a minimalist operation that functions at the highest level. Following in the footsteps of the very few bands that play two instruments live (The White Stripes, Death From Above 1979, and Royal Blood), Skull Riot takes a non-traditional approach to making heavy music.

Lyrics like “Put on your fake, fake, fake smile, like you did all those years…I never thought your pain would feel so nice. Feels so wrong, same old song, on and on, all night long…” take us through the journey of a lost soul and showcase Ferron’s intelligent songwriting skills. Coupled with slamming drums and powerful bass guitar riffs, Skull Riot showcases talented musicianship with only two main instruments at the forefront.

With influences ranging from Royal Blood, Queens of The Stone Age, Priestess, Megadeth, Pantera, Mastodon, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Velvet Revolver, to Nirvana and The Sword, Skull Riot combines heavy metal with grunge rock to bring a new style to heavy metal and rock music that excites fans across the nation. 

Heavy Metal Duo Plans to Release Five More Singles and an EP by The End of


“Same Old” will be followed by a video release on May 13th, a new single “Chasing Lights” on May 24 and a video release on June 3rd, and an EP release with three singles and one more new song, “Running Away”, this July. 

Check out the recent release: Music video for “Blood and Crows” released on April 12th

Catch Skull Riot on tour on May 25th at Universal Bar and Grill in Los Angeles. 

About J. Ferron and Skull Riot

Originally from Mexico City, J. Ferron continued his career in music by pursuing a Masters degree in Film Scoring at Cornel School of Contemporary Music in Los Angeles in 2014. Taught by mentors such as Norman Ludwin (arranger for Michael Giacchino (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Ratatouille, The Incredibles, Jurassic World), Abraham Laboriel, Mauricio Guerrero, Tony Neiman, and Mauricio ‘Otto’ De Togni, J. Ferron developed a unique talent and voice for music that made him the artist he is today. 

Since his move, J. Ferron has consistently sought out opportunities for collaboration with other artists and has played live and in the studio with up-and-coming artists such as Register Offender, Dans Eco Dance, Santoros, Strip Metal, Halibut, James Rensink , Rainee Lu, among many others. He is also currently working for the 11-time Grammy nominee producer, Mauricio Garza, at The Room Studios in Los Angeles as a recording and mixing engineer as well as producer and freelance film composer. 

Working with talented names in the industry such as Dharius, Tiro Loko, Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett, Mrs. Banks, Sueco, KRS ONE, among many others, J. Ferron continues to build over 550 credits (and counting). as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer.

During COVID, J. Ferron decided to create a band project that he could lead from bass and would feature only two members, and thus, Skull Riot was born. Ferron’s unique approach to singing and screaming, along with his unique songwriting and instrumentation, keeps audiences engaged and provides a fresh take to traditional rock music. Following the steps of Lemmy, Mike Kerr, and Jack White, J. Ferron attempts to establish heavy music with this unique concept and band formation bringing to the attention to the power of the bass guitar.

For more information on Skull Riot, please visit:

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