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(Austin, Texas) –New Cortége album titled Under The Endless Sky, out now worldwide and available HERE. Summer tour dates announced. 

Drummer Adrian Voorhies says: “Somewhere, way out west, deep in the empty slot canyons and dunes of Nowhere, Texas, the tolling of bells rings out in the desert night. Three dangerous individuals whose lives are burned together by hate, love, and broken arrow, pack their saddles to ride once more ‘neath endless skies. A metallic twang in the distance harkens their imminent arrival. Take shelter and heed the call, as it can only be the return…of CORTÉGE!” Yes, everyone’s favorite post western, bootgaze trio Cortége is hitting the road to the heartland this June to celebrate the release of their new EP, Under the Endless Sky. 2024 summer tour dates are below!”

Cortége Tour Itinerary:

6/7 Lafayette, LA at Feed N Seed

6/8 Atlanta, GA at Boggs Social & Supply

6/11 Lexington, KY at The Fishtank

6/12 Louisville, KY at Planet of the Tapes

6/13 Carbondale, IL at PK’s

6/14 Indianapolis, IN at Longshot

6/15 Madison, WI at Willy Street Pub aka Wisco

6/16 Milwaukee, WI at Xray Arcade

6/17 Chicago, IL at LiveWire

6/19 Lawrence, KS at The Bottleneck

6/20 Wichita, KS at Barleycorn’s

6/21 Fayetteville, AR at Nomads Trailside

6/22 Tulsa, OK at The Whittier Bar

The band has shared the stage with acts such as Mdou Moctar, Rezn, Hippie Death Cult, The Well, Duel, The Schisms and Dead Register.

Under The Endless Sky was recorded at Red Star Mule Barn Sound Studio in Austin, Texas, and engineered by Sam Whips Allison.

“This is truly cinematic music and checks the boxes on Ennio Morricone references: the tolling bells, deep twangy guitar, Spanish trumpets, the occasional wordless vocal,” writes David Arnson at Music Connection. Julie River at New Noise Magazine describes the title track as “…long and droning, and yet deeply melodic, as the use of a trumpet gives it the sound of an almost elongated jazz number.” Longtime fan and supporter, JJ Koczan at The Obelisk says “…Cortége for sure have a defined modus…with some rustling and wind chimes on a neighbor’s porch, layers of drone, a rattle, a vague threat looming…mood is so much of the point.”

Originally rooted in doom and consistently helmed by Mike Swarbrick, Cortége expanded into the realms of drone and electronic soundscapes. Drawing from early electronic composers, progressive rock icons of the ‘70s, instrumental music, film score elements and the cowboy psychedelia-drenched guitar twang of famed Lee Hazelwood discovery Duane Eddy, the band’s sound continued to evolve and draw influence from the aesthetic of the old West. A hallmark of the trio’s sound is their use of tubular bells both in the studio and live.

Austin-based drummer Adrian Voorhies (Humut Tabal, Canyon of the Skull) joined the band in the fall of 2017. By 2021 April Schupmann (Sniper 66) joined on trumpet and percussion. Cortége will appeal to fans of Duane Eddy, Pink Floyd, Ennio Morricone, Earth, The Who, Yes, King Crimson, Electric Light Orchestra, The Stranglers, Jean-Michel Jarre, The Police, The Mars Volta, Tony Williams. 

Under The Endless Sky track listing:

1. Under The Endless Sky part 1

2. Under The Endless Sky part 2

3. The Relentless Sun

4. Under The Endless Sky part 3

Cortége is:

Mike Swarbrick: bass VI, synthesizers, tubular bells, piano

Adrian Voorhies: drums

April Schupmann: trumpet, melodica, percussion

Visit Cortége online:


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