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ALL NEW MK ULTRASOUND PodCast: NSFW: The Bar Singer Returns Pete Berwick on the Cinco de Mayo Special 5/5/2024

Tres bendejos Alex Zander Max Bravo and Pete Berwick unchained, outspoken, outrageous and out of control. But not out of tequila. Pete lays it on the line and bares it all and spills his guts. You’ve been warned!

Pete Berwick is a Renaissance man; a professional actor and consummate entertainer with over forty years experience in live performance, film, television, music production, comedy, character acting and improvisation. He has also written four novels, recorded and produced six albums of critically-acclaimed music, and is an amateur boxer. He resided and was a signed recording artist in Nashville, Tennessee in the early 90s and has been credited for being an early pioneer of the musical genre called “Cowpunk.” Over twenty of his songs have been featured in movies and television. Berwick travelled the nation for decades as a solo musical artist, and with his various bands, while in-between tours working in film and television. Berwick’s very first work in a major television production was in 1993 in HBO’s “Against the Wall,” directed by the legendary John Frankenheimer, in an intense murder scene with Samuel L. Jackson. Since then, he has appeared in dozens of television programs and films, in music videos and at thousands of venues and stages as an actor, stand-up comedian, a character impersonator, a musical artist, and even as a professional clown, entertaining tens of thousands of kids at festivals, schools, and private events. For two years he seamlessly performed the role of Johnny Cash in the tribute band Folsom, and also performed hundreds of times throughout the years at various functions and events as Elvis. In 2017, Berwick appeared on the popular television program “America’s Got Talent” as a character he created, his alter-ego, cornball stand-up comic Toni Baloni. Pete Berwick is currently in high demand as an actor in the Chicago area, balancing film, theater, and occasional television work, while also travelling coast to coast, and wherever else the acting work takes him.

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