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“Danse Danse” – Mekong’s second album OUT NOW

Mekong’s second LP is out now.

“Danse Danse” is a conceptual album and so, it is meant to be listened to all together.

“It tells the story of a troubled young woman who is struggling with her inner demons and a sense of isolation from the world around her. As the night goes on, she descents into chaos and recklessness, which serves as a desperate cry for help that goes unheard until she ultimately finishes it all.”

Two singles came out so far from “Danse Danse” – ” “Going Numb” and “Ice Cold”

The record was produced by Renato Alves and co-produced by Jacek Kosiba. Mixing and Mastering was done by Greg Toma.

The Artwork was made by Vincent Ripoli.

The record has the signature of French label Icy Cold Records and is released in CD and Red Vinyl.

It is also available now on all digital streaming platforms.

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