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Finnish alt rockers MOON SHOT drop new album on Reaper Entertainment today






The new album from Finnish alternative rock band MOON SHOT, titled The Power, is out now on Reaper Entertainment. A new video for “Arms Around Me” drops today. Moon Shot have been added to tour dates with The New Roses.

Scrap the old-school notions of what constitutes a rock band. Then enter the world of MOON SHOT where insight and experience replace wanton chaos as the impetus to great rock’n’roll. This music is timeless and it resides in our current reality. Reaper Entertainment says “Feel the energy from these musicians who have been around the block enough times to deliver The Power!

The band started the cycle of releasing new singles every few weeks last September. The songs have taken the European airplay charts by storm. In Germany, the band has enjoyed continuous airplay for over six months now, and have reached number three position in the rock radio charts with the song “Blackened Spiral.”

“Yes!”, “Shadow Boxer” and the title track “The Power” have also enjoyed growing popularity. Not only have they become a radio phenomenon in many countries around the world, the band is also celebrated back home in Finland. They made it onto the front cover of the current issue of the legendary Soundi Magazine.

Now the wait is finally over and the band is releasing their second studio album. The Power is now available on CD and vinyl and can be found on every major streaming platform.

“The Power is a base jump into the dark night lighted by the northern lights. You can run, cry and party with this record and I sincerely love it. It’s positive album about challenging and dark moments that turn out to be good and the most beautiful at the end. This is the album about beating the demons and fighting against standards” says vocalist and lyricist Ville Malja.”The album cover is a statement. At times like these we have to be reminded that we ourselves can make the changes we want to see. Instead of pointing your finger, have a listen, think it through and then act. We are in this situation together and by holding onto each other’s hands we create the chain that has all the power. The power of dialogue is the power of change.”

“Making The Power was an epic journey. With this album I feel I have done the deepest and most intense creative work of my life so far.  It has been 24 months of uncompromised songwriting, producing, playing, mixing and crafting” says chief composer, guitarist and producer Jussi Ylikoski. “And now I’m very proud to present you this profound piece of rock ’n’ roll.”

To celebrate the release of the album, the band is releasing the music video for the song “Arms Around Me.”  The stunning video was once again created by director Sami Joensuu. Video available HERE.

“Arms Around Me” is a true story about what it is to grow up in an alcoholic family. It describes the mixed feelings of deep love and muted anger, and how those opposite feelings could blend together.” comments”, Ville and adds: “This song is a sledgehammer. This song is a human grinder.”

Jussi adds: “I’m excited to have been able to write such a lucid and distinctive, power ballad, rock song. The individual parts are very strong as such, so it made sense to keep them simple. “Arms Around Me” is big and full, yet it breaths with ease, and comes very close to the listener on many levels.”

Order and stream the album HERE.

Video singles out now include:

“Yes!” available HERE.

“Shadow Boxer” available HERE.

“Blackened Spiral” available HERE.

“The Power” available HERE.

The Power track list:

1. Life is a Killer

2. Blackened Spiral

3. The Power

4. Arms Around Me

5. Shadow Boxer

6. Yes!

7. Ride Faster

8. Stars Are Holes

9. Supercharged Love

10. Deep Hood

11. 1800 Nights

MOON SHOT Tour Dates 2024:

11.05.2024 HELSINKI Tavastia

25.05.2024 ULVILA Automaatio Areena

21.06.2024 TAMPERE Valtteri Festival

12.07.2024 JOENSUU Ilosaarirock

02.08.2024 HELSINKI Allas Live

03.08.2024 HEINOLA Multamäkifest

10.08.2024 KÖNIGSTEIN Rock auf der Burg

11.08.2024 SIEGENBURG Doiboch Open Air

15.08.2024 DINKELSBÜHL Summer Breeze

17.08.2024 PLAIDT Pellenzer Open Air

06.09.2024 TURKU Utopia

07.09.2024 HARJAVALTA Harjavalta Live

13.09.2024 VIERSEN Rockschicht

14.09.2024 ALTENGRONAU Sinner Rock

15.09.2024 AUGSBURG Spectrum

As Special Guest of THE NEW ROSES:

06.11.2024 STUTTGART, Im Wizemann

07.11.2024 BOCHUM, Zeche

08.11.2024 HANNOVER, Musikzentrum

09.11.2024 LEIPZIG, Hellraiser

14.11.2024 KÖLN, Kantine

15.11.2024 JENA, F-Haus

16.11.2024 NÜRNBERG, Hirsch

21.11.2024 PRAGUE, Club Storm

22.11.2024 BERLIN, Hole44

23.11.2024 HAMBURG, Fabrik

28.11.2024 WIEN, Szene

29.11.2024 WÖRGL, Komma

30.11.2024 MÜNCHEN, Backstage

14.12.2024 WIESBADEN, Schlachthof

…more to be announced soon!

MOON SHOT line-up:

Jussi Ylikoski: guitars

Henkka Seppälä: bass

Ville Malja: vocals

Mikko Hakila: drums


Confession (2021)

Visit the band online:

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