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Oceans on Other Planets Release Music Video for “Other Side”

Oceans on Other Planets releases the music video for  “Other Side” on April 30th, The song and video depict how love can span multiple dimensions and transcend time and space. Sometimes we lose someone important to us, but our feelings go on for eternity. And perhaps sometimes we join our long, lost lover on “the other side”, whether now or later. The song is a fresh take on alternative rock that draws influence from Linkin Park, Muse, MGMT, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Smashing Pumpkins. But Oceans on Other Planets melds these styles in their own unique, modern way. Described as “heavy” without the heavy guitars, Oceans on Other Planets utilizes textures reminiscent of classic rock and metal bands, while adding modern pop melodies and harmonies, mixed with their own modern flair. 

Oceans on Other Planets consists of lead singer, songwriter, and producer Nick Wolf (Icarus Landing), Jack Glazer (Plastic Rhino) on bass, Zak St. John (formerly Black Star Riders, Corey Taylor, and currently “In the End” Linkin Park tribute) on drums, and Mike St. Michaels (Scarlet Rose) on guitar. 

Produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Starset, Nothing More, Motley Crue, RA) and foundingIcarus Landing member Nick Wolf, the track combines pop hooks and electronic elements with a heavy rock vibe to create a genre-bending masterpiece with “Other Side”. Lyrics like “I can’t wait another night feeling like it’s either do or die… are you gonna see me on the other side?” showcase Nick Wolf’s expert songwriting skills, while the unique backing instrumentation highlights the band’s vast musical influence. 

With influences ranging from Muse,The Smashing Pumpkins, and Queens of the Stone Age, all the way to Linkin Park, Phoenix, and MGMT, Oceans on Other Planets combines a never-before-seen blend of genres embodying a sound that is rooted in classic rock but with a modern style and a fresh story to tell. With their earlier foundation in heavier music, hard rock, and metal, Oceans on Other Planets have expanded their genre to more modern alternative and indie rock, and this new sound can be heard throughout “Other Side”.

About Oceans on Other Planets

Formed in 2023 by Nick Wolf (formerly known as Nicholas Emilio), Oceans on Other Planets features members Nick Wolf (Icarus Landing), Jack Glazer (Plastic Rhino) on bass, Zak St. John (“In the End” Linkin Park tribute) on drums, and Mike St. Michaels (Scarlet Rose) on guitar. 

Combining classic, stripped-down hard rock with modern indie, Oceans on Other Planets takes a unique music-making approach, combining new sounds with a nostalgic feel. Straying from the heavy metal sounds of previous group Icarus Landing, singer-songwriter Nick Wolf curates a more subtle, simpler, and basic approach to rock music with Oceans on Other Planets, while keeping audiences engaged and curious as to what they will hear next.

Their new single “Other Side” features an infectious, groovy indie-electronic style, a new approach for Nick Wolf, and a side audiences have yet to hear.

Big things are destined for this group. Stay tuned to hear what’s next.

For more information on Oceans on Other Planets, please visit:

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