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Dizasterpiece is a hybrid of post-hardcore and alternative-fused metalcore

Dizasterpiece Releases “Nosferatu”

“Nosferatu” tunes into the melodic shoegaze/alternative rock/nu-metal side of the group, with slamming dropped tuned guitars, and hard-hitting vocals.


“Nosferatu” tunes into the melodic shoegaze/alternative rock/nu-metal side of the group, with slamming dropped tuned guitars, and hard-hitting vocals. Lyrics like “No I won’t bend. Black hole of a room w bad souls again. Fiending off my energy, and my energy is my currency therefore making them my enemies. My magic gets tainted even if I came powerful (damaging my stamina.) And the second I disconnected, I got showers full of blessings. Always trust your gut” showcasing the songwriting talent of the group, while genius instrumentation and mixing showcase talent of producers like long-time collaborator “illgorythmz”. 

“I am very excited about this project, it’s my favorite music I’ve ever made.” -Diz (vocals, rhythm guitar, and sound samples for Dizasterpiece)

Their fans have described their performances as “high energy”, and “warming and welcoming” to the fanbase. With intricate lyrics, dropped-tuned seven-string guitars, DJ samples, and mosh pits, Dizasterpiece gives audiences the best of rock and metal, with tastes from many other genres along the way. With influences ranging all the way from System Of A Down, Glassjaw and Converge to Deftones, Incucbus, Skarhead, The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Sevendust, Senses Fail, Limp Bizkit, and Madball to Wu-Tang Clan, Beastie Boys, MF DOOM, and The Beatles, Dizasterpiece binds the best of hip-hop with elements of hard rock, punk, and New York hardcore, and strives to create original music full of passion and true craftsmanship. 

“We want to move people in a way that empowers them and inspires them to create their own project, band, art, or destiny. We want to re-enforce concept of confidence and self-belief in our listeners or just anyone in general.” -Levi Parkas, bass player for Dizasterpiece  

“We want to show audiences that there still is a way to reach the masses with out-of-the-norm music, rather than just jumping on whatever is trending. We want to exemplify that there doesn’t need to be many rules with genre-blending, nor rules about what is categorized as what, and how you’re supposed to look, act, or dress. We want to exemplify that people still DO care about lyrics.” -Diz, vocals, guitar, and sound samples 

“We want to demonstrate that when life presents to you what’s for you, your only way of appreciating life itself is by fully emerging yourself in it.” -ScottyP da Shredda, lead guitar

“Whether it’s 1 fan or 1,000 fans, we play with our entire heart for YOU! We are where we are because of our fans!  Not only do we try to inspire, but you inspire us to keep writing music you love! Keep being awesome fans! We truly love you for it!” -Brook “Thundersticks” Kraushaar, drums 

“Nothing is more fulfilling than being able to bring out folks from all different scenes and cultures into one bubbly melting pot of passionate, sexy people! If the music moves you, that is the only prerequisite, and nothing makes me happier than being able to build those bridges between whoever it touches.” -Dylan Walker, rhythm guitar/bass 

Check out Dizasterpiece’s new single “Nosferatu” and look out for their mind-bending new album “ZZONEBOUND [QRX4-Notion]”, out on May 17th. 

About Dizasterpiece

Beginning as a solo project, Dizasterpiece originally started with just one sole member, Diz, who rapped over beats he produced and began doing DIY tours and releases. His sound was very 90s hip-hop with some hardcore mixed in, and soon enough, he wrote and recorded the demos for several songs with his brother and original drummer, “illgorythmz”, (who also co-produced the first two Diz records.) From there, the group banded together in Austin, Texas, and began releasing music that focused on combining elements of hip-hop with metal, alternative rock, and screamo – creating a truly one-of-a-kind sound.

“Known for his charismatic stage presence & high energy live performances, Dizasterpiece originally started as a solo hip-hop project that was focused on intricate lyricism and technical rhyme schemes. A New Jersey/ New York City hardcore kid turned rap Emcee, his DIY promoting and touring ethics that he had developed from playing in earlier punk bands since the age of 12, helped him stand out in the hip-hop scene. After two full-length releases, he decided to go back to his roots and morph Dizasterpiece into a full band, mixing post-hardcore and metal with alternative rock and screamo. A hybrid sound, now blending singing, screaming & rapping with dropped-tuned guitars, melodies and mosh parts… offering more dynamic and range to their catalogue for a diverse, and almost cult-like fan base. Dizasterpiece is currently in the studio finishing up their Third full-length album entitled ZZONEBOUND [QRX4-Notion] expected to be released in the spring of 2024.”

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