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DISBELIEF-“Killing Karma”- Listenable Records

review by Detroit Jason Kenski

“Killing Karma” (on Listenable Records) by Germany’s DISBELIEF is a death metal/thrash juggernaut. 12 albums in(and their 1st since 2020’s”The Ground Collapses”) , and they are still crushing skulls. 

Featuring Karsten “Jagger” Jäger (vocals), Marius Pack (guitars), Dave Renner (guitars), Joe Trunk (bass) and Timo Claas(drums), and guest vocals by fellow German metal vocalists Michelle Darkness(of END OF GREEN fame)  and Joschi Baschin (of UNDERTOW fame) on ’The Scream That Slowly Disappeared’ , ‘Flash Of Inspiration’ and ‘Reborn’, this is 13 tracks(including bonus track ‘Fragile Aeon’) that grab you in from the 1st song(the aforementioned ‘Reborn’) and doesn’t lose steam at any point. They even manage to do justice to KILLING JOKE’s ‘Millenium’.

If you are a fan of German death/thrash metal or just a fan of DISBELIEF, pick this up on April 26th on Listenable Records.  You WILL NOT be disappointed. 

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