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PENTAGRAM (CHILE)- Eternal Life Of Madness- Listenable Records

review by Detroit Jason Kenski

Chile’s PENTAGRAM (CHILE), not to be confused with US doom metal legends, Pentagram, are back with 2nd full length release(1st release since 2013’s ‘The Malefice’, but they’ve released a few compilations and splits, and even a live album in their almost 40 year existence) ‘Eternal Life Of Madness(Listenable Records). 

Featuring founding members Anton Reisenegger(guitar/vocals) and Juan Pablo Uribe(guitar), with longtime members Juan Francisco Cueto(bass) and Juan Pablo Donoso(drums), PENTAGRAM (CHILE) play old school death/thrash(Slayer, Possessed, Venom,Dark Angel), but with their own flavor added to it. ‘El Humbache’, the title track, ‘Devourer Of Life’, ‘Deus Est Machina’ and ‘No One Shall Survive’ are standout tracks on this album.

Overall, this is 11 tracks of death/thrash excellence, done with passion, dedication and respect. Grab your copy on April 26th. 

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