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I have waited a lifetime. Spent my time so foolishly. But now that I’ve found you. Together we’ll make history

4/24/1979 was the night that changed my life. I knew what my calling was. Naturally I wanted to be the one up on stage but when I realized I couldn’t find a group of guys willing to make sacrifices in order to succeed, I knew I wanted to be a part of the picture. A few months later in July of 1979 I saw KISS for the first of many times to come and I was going to follow my dreams.

People that come from the region of the Ohio Valley weren’t known for being movers and shakers and if anything they didn’t have dreams. I did and I got as far away as I could once I had the means. And my former step mother constantly reminded me “You’re a dreamer, just like your father.” Well, look at me now.

April 24th 1979 will always be a special day to me.

My Tuesday night entertainment. Lots of nudity courtesy of Christena Ricci in a very odd movie where you really never discover what was reality and what was a sort of “in limbo between life and after life”. The movie bombed but I liked it.

Wednesday after work I got busy y with the 6 foot ladder I borrowed from Greg Duncan. Started replacing lightbulbs, cleaning ceiling fans, and once i start I cant stop. I took apart all of the wiring of the podcast room, replaced a curtain in there and proceeded to move shelving around in the Warhol room.

Monday and Tuesday after work I went to Mariano’s. There I discovered some really cool red glass lanterns on my way out so I went backland bought them. unfortunately the little bit by bit progress I’m making the back porch bar area is slow due to not really having 2-3 decent weather days to get things done. The wind is tearing it up and I had to bring plants in yesterday due to a frosty forecast. But once it’s done it’s going to be amazing

Thursday evening Jackie treated me to dinner at Tac Quick and we ordered a LOT of good food. It was great hanging with her again. I truly enjoy our time together. I think she’s going to be very inventive at the Gay Drunk Frogs BBQ Memorial Day weekend.

Jackie also gifted me with this Gene Simmons Kitten candle

The woods are lovely dark and deep, and I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep. Did you hear me butterfly? Miles to go before you sleep.

Friday after work Greg Duncan and I were able to break the lock on my spare bike which I lost the key to last September when I went to see Danzig with him. We had a few drinks and he left at 7PM to pick up dinner for his wife Gina.

Then I got a big surprise when Melita came to pop in and visit for a little bit. Then the next day I went to her job at Output where she was bartending and the drinks started to flow ad the group sitting next to me ordered a lot of shots and the manager even bought a round. It hit me hard as I was drinking on an empty stomach and walked my bike home as I knew better than to try and ride. It ws a great time and I got to hang out with a very beautiful friend.

Got the guest/shared bike outfitted for Melitas biking lesson. She’s never learned to bike. Or swim. Maybe I will also teach her to swim

a big Glitch Mode Recordings event in the works for summer! the mighty drive-in hero Joe Bob Briggs will be with us at the awesome Mae District Event Venue! full details soon. lets make July 20th a night to remember

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