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Outer Darkness – Inquisition Vol. I: The Accusation

“The doomsday clock is counting the hours and we’re hearing the bell toll. We’re headed right into the future, into a world that no one chose”

Outer Darkness Records, the avant-garde force reshaping the industrial music landscape, proudly presents its inaugural compilation album: Inquisition Vol. I: The Accusation.

Founded in 2022, Outer Darkness Records swiftly emerged as a beacon for the darkest corners of the industrial music scene. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions, the label has curated a collection of tracks that defy expectation and demand attention. 

Featuring tracks from established acts and rising stars alike, Inquisition Vol. I: The Accusation promises a sonic journey through the depths of industrial music. From haunting melodies to pulsating beats, each track invites listeners to immerse themselves in a world of darkness and intrigue.


  1. Dilemma – /Disrepair (4:00)
  2. Ground To Dust – Ashfall (5:09)
  3. pixelgrinder – Intrusive Thoughts (4:18)
  4. Hexen Prozess – To Feel The Rain Again (Ground To Dust Remix) (5:52)
  5. Dilemma & pixelgrinder – Song For Deviants (3:41)
  6. 9th Circle – Like Machines (4:41)
  7. Ground To Dust vs. pixelgrinder – Wave Function Collapse (5:38)
  8. Null Aeon – DAEITY (4:08)
  9. Hexen Prozess – Girl On Fire (1692) (4:40)
  10. ANGER ? – Cyberanarchia (2:50)
  11. Dilemma – Celestial Body (3:07)
  12. Arcane Strain – MOVE (2:54)
  13. Antidote For Annie – No Coming Back (Too Far Mix) (5:18)
  14. Foes Of Nature – INFLUX (5:41)
  15. Ground To Dust – Subconscious Overdrive (Hexen Prozess Remix) (6:00)

Each track on Inquisition Vol. I: The Accusation showcases the diverse talent and boundless creativity of the Outer Darkness Records roster. From the brooding atmospheres of Dilemma to the electrifying energy of ANGER ?, this compilation is a testament to the label’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of industrial music.

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Inquisition Vol. I: The Accusation is the blueprint for the future of industrial music. Descend with us into this dark playground and discover what awaits you in the darkness.

About Outer Darkness Records:

Outer Darkness Records is a collective of artists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of industrial music. Founded in 2022, the label serves as a platform for emerging and established artists alike, offering a home for those who embrace the darkness and channel it into their art. With a diverse roster and a commitment to innovation, Outer Darkness Records is poised to redefine the industrial music landscape for years to come.

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