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If I ask you difficult questions. If I make improper suggestions. Would you find that a risk to your health?Would you put me up on the bookshelf?

photo by Robinette Jacquelin of Lisle IL

Max Bravo came by to work on the art for the MK ULTRA coffee Table book on Sunday and he was thoughtful enough to bring me solar eclipse protective eyewear. It was kind of a cool event but I lost about an hour of my workday which made the event overall unimpressive.

Last Wednesday night before Melita came by after class. It was rainy and chilly and it was late for me. 10 PM on a Wednesday is my bedtime. Hell if not Wednesday which is my Chicago PD night I’m in bed even earlier. She was so polite and very perceptive. It was a nice way to spend a couple of hours and to having to see her from across a bar.

Tis the season!

Tuesday night after work Lucy’s Chicken!

In 2017 Max and I began working on a concept for the MK ULTRA Coffee Table book and then due to unforeseen circumstances it was put on hold till now. I’m actually happy about that as even though the 6 years were tough I had time to reconsider the focus and concept of the book.

Here we are April 2024 and on Sunday April 7th we worked side by side on the cover. Next is the back cover and inside front and back covers as well as first and last page.

It will be in chronological order and have hundreds of never before seen photographs that we were not able to publish for retail publication due to subject matter

Back to the podcast this weekend. I needed to take a couple of weeks off being that I was knocking them out one after another and I needed to get some other projects in order such as my home and layout for the big book. This month marks 5 years and it also marks the very first time MK won’t be represented at EXXXOTICA. The show has become unenjoyable and woke. Who in the universe wants PC Porn? Actually, don’t answer that. I already know and they are at the show this weekend.

I’m having Larry on this Sunday to plug his upcoming event CAN DO CON which is 1 week before the big shit-show known as the DNC in August. I’m sure he’s going to blow his wad on everything political Hey. its his opinion and he’s entitled to it. Hell I may even chime in on a recent event here in Brandon Johnsons Chicago

April 21st we’ll have Heather Wagner and Chance Jones on and we’ll be playing he new single for the 1 year anniversary show.

On May 5th Cinco De Mayo we’re having Pete Berwick back on and he’s been working as hard as ever mostly in films. But he does have a new record out and I’m excited to do the show and hopeful it’ll be good weather.

Somehow even though I haven’t done a new show over the last 2 weeks listening is still up. There is stats from the last 7 days

+27% plays vs. previous 7 days

Top 10 from  MKIULTRASOUND PodCast Last 7 days

#1  Tiny Texie
# 2 “You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” a Tribute to the Memory of Bria Toulemonde. 10/29/2023
# 3 The Black Friday 2023 Show with Matthew Lidwin of Cleopatra Records ‘616’
# 4 ‘Enemy of Fate’ Vocalist Tiffany Fabiani with Alex Zander and Max Bravo
# 5 VIOLENT EDEN Darkwave Band: Maladie Catharsis and Michael X. Christian
# 6 I LOVE RICH: Four Powerful and Attractive Men
#7 Jimmy Psycho: the Mad Scientist of Lounge Music
#8 Too Dark Mark of Nadjia w/ music. music from The Electric Hellfire Club and porn star
# 9 Come Together at the Paradise City with Eric Mills 2/10/2024
# 10 The MK NSFW Tribute to Mojo Nixon by Alex Zander 2/11/2024

I’m working on getting Eric Mills back on a soon as the weather becomes more agreeable. He really wants to come back on.

Friday morning April 12, 2024

We’re upping the game. Everyone get to show off their culinary skills and of course brings some swill to share.

AZ making carnitas and Vienna Fire Dogs

Max Bravo is making Jalapeno Puree Wings

Greg Duncan is making gourmet DEVILed Eggs

What are you bringing? Please tell us

I didn’t notice Max put an LA GUNS shirt, cowboy hat and black hair on the center Frog

Of course MAXXXINE can’t get to the theaters soon enough. I’m pretty sure Max and I will be making an event of it.

Saturday morning I took my bike out again and peddled up to my least favorite place in Chicago other than a courtroom. The DAMNED Chicago Post Office! The line as long on a very beautiful afternoon. 3 women were on duty and only 1 at the window. The other 2 were chatting and eating their McDonalds. It was sooo ridiculous. I though the guy behind me was going to fall over or fall asleep. We were all frustrated. Most of us were their to send out IRS payments. It was a stupid long wait that could have neem avoided if the other employees were doing their jobs. But this is Chicago.

I didn’t plan on the next move but why not. I knew Melita was working at Output so I sent her a text that I was near. She invited me in as she was the only one there. Less than a 10 minute ride from where I was at the time, I was still in the damned line. My transaction took all of 90 seconds, I took Bike O Negative to the bar and went in where I was warmly greeted and served my cowboy cocktail, a double Jamo on the rocks. It was nice that it was slow and we had a little time to talk. I had another and then was on my way home to work on this site and pre production for the next days podcast

The next day around noon Larry arrived with his monster bike and he had a couple of nice steaks and mushrooms in tow. I thought the grill was ready to go but needed to refresh the propane tank. Propane and propane accessories. So Larry cooked them to order and for the first time the new bar on the back porch got used. Luckily I still have some time to take care of the porch if the weather would just comply. In the meantime I’m working on the interior and tonight the bathroom upgrade.

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