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Jeff Fabb’s “Love & War” Psychedelic Rock with a Modern Metal Flair

On our path to success, we come across many situations where people acted against us and did not follow the rules, it seemed unfair. Instead of taking it personally, we must remember, all is fair in love and war.” – Jeff Fabb

Making his name in ground-breaking heavy metal bands such as Black Label Society, Sixx:A.M., and Filter, Jeff Fabb decided to pioneer his own sound with his debut album released in November of 2023, and plans to release more original music this year. Following the success of his most recent release “See No Evil”, his heavier new single and music video for “Love and War” is OUT NOW!

Inspired by Fabb’s move to Los Angeles after high school, “Love and War” is about embracing the human experience, and how the path to success is often marked by many obstacles to overcome. With slamming drums and opening lyrics like “Everlasting, adulation, will you let me empty my feelings? Waiting in the black…” the song and accompanying music video embody the feeling of being a small fish in a big pond and being unsure of what’s to come.

The song continually balances the feelings of the pain and the pleasure that comes with chasing your dreams. On one hand, Fabb speaks to the painful and uncomfortable feeling of the unknown, with powerful lyrics like, “No matter the road, lonely and so cold. Never thought I’d be so lost at sea. My mind is the catch tangled in the net.” These sorrowful lyrics are accompanied by dark, heavy metal instrumentation and solo shots of Fabb to highlight these isolated feelings.

Later in the song, however, he shifts out of focusing on this pain by highlighting the beautiful nature of the unknown, and embracing your destiny, with uplifting, fast-paced guitar and lyrics like, “It’s written in the stars above, it’s inevitable.” The lyrics and instrumentation are accompanied by vast shots of the city of Los Angeles, and a teen coming to terms with his fate.

“Known for a drumming style that melds raw power with refined technicality, Fabb effortlessly navigates through various sub-genres of metal and hard rock.” –Asbjorn Carlson

With influences such as Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, and Led Zeppelin, Fabb incorporates elements of metal, adding his sonic flair with modern touches of psychedelic rock. Straying from the style of his previous release “See No Evil”, “Love and War” leans more into Jeff’s musical roots and metal abilities, while also maintaining a new-age psychedelic undertone. Centering around his move across the country to the Silver Lake area of L.A. in 1988, “Love and War” explores themes of hardship, feeling out of place, and navigating the obstacles that life throws in the way to come out on top in the end.

With a full-length album on the way, Fabb states that this record will be more dynamic than any of his previous work and will continuously center around themes of overcoming hardships through perseverance. “Love and War” is a sneak peek into Fabb’s journey and is a message to welcome a “don’t play the victim” mindset, speaking to his ability to overcome uncertainty to pave his own path and success in his musical career.

 “Love and War” will be followed by “Into Thin Air” and a full-length album later this year. 

“I want listeners of “Love and War” to be inspired to take chances, to live their dreams, get to do what they love to do.” – Jeff Fabb

About Jeff Fabb

Highly respected drummer and multi-instrumentalist Jeff Fabb found his path in heavy metal and hard rock scenes, with his “claim to fame” in drumming for iconic rock bands such as In This Moment, Filter, and Sixx: A.M., and Black Label Society.

Starting his drumming career at the ripe age of 11, Jeff Fabb has a long history of music that’s followed him throughout his whole life. Beginning his journey growing up in Long Island, Fabb played in various bands throughout high school and eventually formed the band Tripface

After spending much of his early career on the East Coast, Fabb moved to L.A. in 1998, to dive head-first into the music scene of Silver Lake. From there, he contributed to many esteemed bands in the rock and metal circles, always known for shaping the sound of each group he is a part of with his masterful drumming techniques.

COVID was a big catalyst for wanting to pursue his solo project, and he worked tirelessly to release his heavily anticipated solo album “Stealing Souls” in 2023. His debut album is highly regarded for combining a booming voice with slamming guitar and drums to create an album full of textures such as hard rock, rock, metal, grunge, and alternative rock. With slower tracks like “As the Wind Blows”, Fabb tunes into his more classic influences, and tunes into his harder rock influences with “Reaper”.

With influences ranging from Alice In Chains, Mad Season, Soundgarden, Black Sabbath, and Tool, to Led Zeppelin, Fabb creates a unique sound reminiscent of many great names in rock, while adding his own unique flair to everything he creates.

His diverse musical capabilities have allowed him to succeed in the rock and metal communities, making him a highly respected, and multi-faceted artist.

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