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ANCINE Drops Death Hymns; A Gothic Americana Dirge

 These are dark times we’re in, and we need sounds that mirror it. Gothic Americana band, ANCINE answers the call to provide the musical reflection.  They do so with their new release, Death Hymns: Book Of Desolation.

Lyrically, Death Hymns is a collection of murder ballads, often with a supernatural twist. Mike Giallo aimed to mix folk Horror cinema with the seedier side of old time and rural America, with a paradoxical blend of Christian and occult motifs. Though the lyrics are works of fantasy, the themes and emotions that brought them forth are very much real; depression, isolation, alcohol abuse, and misanthropy.

Death Hymns is musically influenced by old delta blues legends Robert Johnson,Son House, and Leadbelly as well as goth/death rock bands such as Christian DeathSamhain, and Fields of the Nephilim.

Death Hymns is available on CD and on all major digital platforms including Spotify & Bandcamp.

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Morose, raw, and dark. From the land of H.P. Lovecraft, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and the birthplace of Edgar Allan Poe, ANCINE delivers Gothic Americana with a decided New England focus.

Mixing delta blues, dissonant reverb-drenched goth rock, and just a bit of Nashville twang, ANCINE’s sole member, Mike Giallo, has created a visceral, yet hauntingly beautiful form of American roots music with a deep admiration for the macabre.

Mike Giallo – Vocals, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, banjos, six-string banjo, bass, lap steel, harmonica, violin, cello

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