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Take it up or leave it. I’m not gonna change a bit. If it means heartache. Then leave it out for your sake.

With a month as busy as March with things outside of my workday my work day has become very busy again and that is a really really good thing. But I feel like I live in the home office you see below. I look forward to getting back on my bike very soon.

March 2024 has without a doubt the busiest month of my life in years. Personally and professionally. Day job and MK work. I attended 3 shows and did promo for one. I started out in Sterling Heights (a suburb of Detroit) after a 6 hour AmTrak commute and took it back 3 days later. I’ve been upgrading my home as well as getting my personal house in order. The only way I can track this month is to go backwards image by image which is what I’m about to do after I get Edie put up in my living room. AZ 4/6/2024 4:29 PM

4/6/2024 5:13 PM

3/26/2024 It only took me 43 years to see one of my all time favorite recording acts Adam Ant. This is one of the very first concerts a friend actually took me to see. I wasn’t too thrilled with the English Beat or the venue itself but 90 minutes of 20 songs back to back xpanning Adam Ants career was on my my most favorite shows I’ve ever attended. I was giddy and even teared up a few time.

Adam Ant took the stage to the song “Antmusic” while all five members of the band played rhythm on the two drum sets and three bass drum set-ups. The two drummers would go all night in tandem and would be the hardest working members of the night. Adam was dressed in a toned-down version of his dandy regalia and wore a brimmed hat with scarves. He was in great shape, and the mirage of the 80’s pop star was intact on stage. He danced, swayed, and did a lot of sudden moves, sometimes to the rhythms happening and sometimes not. During the first few songs, he sounded good, but he really dial it in after that. Ant is not known as some vocal powerhouse, and so many of his songs are kind of chant-ish punky sing-a-longs, but you want him to sound like Adam Ant, and he sure did. That mirage held up, too.

He did a lot of the early Ants stuff with real vigor, helped by his crack band that did what little propping up needed to happen, but did what needed to happen. “Car Trouble,” “Dog Eat Dog,” “Xerox,” Kings of the Wild Frontier,” “Beat My Guest,” “Ants Invasion,” and “Stand and Deliver” had all of the bondage punk swagger still.

Thank you Ellen the Felon

Adam Ant Setlist at Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL 3/26/2024


Vive le Rock

Friend or Foe

Dog Eat Dog

Room at the Top

Prince Charming



Kings of the Wild Frontier

Killer in the Home

Puss ‘n Boots

Desperate But Not Serious



Beat My Guest

Ants Invasion

Red Scab

Stand and Deliver


Goody Two Shoes

Physical (You’re So)

For being 69 years old he sure puts on a helluva show with energy and finesse

Ellen also brought me this big bag of Frog gummies. They didn’t last very long

3/14/2024 Just one day notice and Selena a publicist for MINISTRY let me know I was on the guest list VIP with a photo pass. I didn’t have a plus one so the photo pass was basically useless. SOme pix provided here are from friends. I went directly top the venue after work which is 1.1 miles from home and a 26 minute walk. There was still a line when I arrived. I went to Uptown Lounge for one of their ‘measured” cocktails (The pours are controlled). I took out $100 cash from an ATM and walked into the Aragon who are cashless. That means cards only. WTF??? They are slowly turning us into a cashless society. I was a lone but at a MINISTRY show I’m never really ever alone. I could not find Jackie, or Lisa and Rich but somehow Gloria found me in the VIP section and she didn’t have VIP access.

I ran into other friends Johnny Vomit a local punk rock icon, Dan from The Joy Thieves/Mary’s Window and also Monte and John from MINISTRY who I’ve know for years.

I only had two beers was was exhausted, I do not know how I used to do it 4-5 nights a week and after shows. I was asked to attend several aftershow events but declines. I got a taxi home, my alarm was already set for work and I struggled the next day from being so wiped out.

OMMFG the following week I’d have to do it again for Dave McNally’s show at the Brig.’

At 5PM I would leave my home office and head directly to the Aragon Ballroom for the 2024 North American MINISTRY Tour With GARY NUMAN And FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY, and the line had already formed. The temperature had dropped significantly from the days before and I was not Eagle Scout prepared. I popped into the Uptown Lounge to warm up as the line would shrink. I then entered the massive venue and began connecting with old and new friends. 

7:00 PM Front Line Assembly

8:00 PM Gary Numan

9:30 PM Ministry

After a brief set from Industrial music legends Front Line Assembly and as the Aragon began to fill with bodies Gary Numan and his band (same lineup as  at the Park West, show March 21, 2022). As a pioneer in electronic pop music they delivered a full set of material spanning his near 5 decades career that was not only groundbreaking once upon a time but served as inspiration for countless acts to follow. We’ve covered Numan and his tours since  around 2001 and his set becomes better with each outing and he’s comfortable up there in front of a legion of adoring fans. One has to ponder where music would have been in the 80’s if not for his impact and a resurgence that followed with the popularity of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson in the mid 1990’s. The Godfather of electronic pop music continues to record new material and tour now based out of his home on the west coast. You can view a neat little film on Prime titled “Gary Numan: Android in La La Land ” and if you’re hungry for more there is “Gary Numan – Resurrection”. A 2022 feature length documentary charting the life of synth-pop pioneer Gary Numan and his emotional return performance to Wembley Arena some 40 years after his final concert at the venue – for the comeback of a lifetime.


Everything Comes Down to This


The Chosen



Love Hurt Bleed

Is This World Not Enough



Pray for the Pain You Serve

My Name Is Ruin

A Prayer for the Unborn

At 930 PM it was time for the main event and…..they were on time. Now I’ve personally been covering all aspects of everything MINISTRY all the way back to my first gig writing for STAGE Magazine in Columbus Ohio in the late 80’s. Touring I’ve covered nearly every MINISTRY Tour since they were on Lollapalooza in 1992 and I’ve witnessed it all when it comes to each and every incarnation of the band live. There have been over the top 100 % loud and great performances and I’ve seen a few that didn’t leave much to report on because I refused to give them a negative review. Sometimes they come on very late, a few times not at all and for the record that never happened at a show that I attended.  They would clearly make up for it on the next visit or not. For the last decade since they have been consistent at delivering spot on shows and this night at the Aragon in their hometown they were tighter than they’ve ever been. It seems like the wine is absent from their leader Al Jourgensen’s diet these days but that hasn’t mellowed in the least.

Out in support of their latest, the politically fueled “Hopiumforthemasses” on Nuclear Blast Records the six-piece outfit used the entire space of the stage to perform the sixteen song career spanning setlist. This would be the very first time I saw old friend ex Prong/Madonna guitarist Monte Pittman with the band and he commented that he is very happy in this place. And he’s a natural alongside Cesar Soto who I last saw on the “AmeriKKKant” tour at the Riviera and  a previous performance at The House of Blues and the both players deliver a helluva jackhammering metal plated twin guitar sound that is heavy, steady and very loud. Make no mistake MINISTRY is still all about volume. Always have been. 


With new songs at the start of the show it was natural to go backward and sadly omitting anything from my favorite “Filth Pig”, and jumped right into Psalm 69 singles and earlier material which was embraced enthusiastically by a hometown audience of l old and new fans. Yes, somehow a younger generation has discovered MINISTRY and they were sprinkled about the massive venue as well as the merch booth. “So What”, “Stigmata”, “Burning Inside” and “Thieves” were crowd pleasers and have held up remarkably well over the decades. 

The guys would close with not one but two encores and I went home with ringing ears and fell face first into bed. LuckilyI live in the same neighborhood as the venue and since I can’t physically hang out late anymore I was exhausted the entire next day at work. Worth it? Yes, it is always worth the sonic assault of the Industrial Metals Masters known as MINISTRY.

Thanks to publicist Selena Fragassi for the accommodations 



Just Stop Oil

Goddamn White Trash

Aryan Embarrassment

New Religion

Alert Level

Broken System


Just One Fix



Jesus Built My Hotrod


Burning Inside

So What

Encore 2:

The Light Pours Out of Me (Magazine cover)

Ricky’s Hand (Fad Gadget cover)

Al Jourgensen – vocals/guitar

Cesar Soto – guitar

Monte Pittman – guitar

Paul D’Amour – bass

Roy Mayorga – drums

John Bechdel – keys

Easter Sunday 3/31/2024 yeah these updates are a little out of order but so am I so lets move on…Max had asked me to see this movie the week before but I declined, and lucky for me he liked it so much he wanted to go again. SO we planned to meet at Culvers around 12 noon and I got there first and it was not opened though it was supposed to open at 10 AM. I looked inside and it was trashed. SOmeone must have broken in and ransacked the place. I was soooo bummed but hungry and Taco Bell was next door and opened. We then walked toward the Music Box, stopped into Candyality, 3737 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL Candyality, 3737 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL

Located next to Music Box basically. High end candy shop basically. Prices not clearly displayed, could be an issue for some. Especially the high end treats in the glass case they may want to price or consider lowering the price of per pound. I know the rent must be very high on Southport Ave., because shops are pricey around here but really quaint and charming. As with most bulk candy purchases, it’s not going to be cheap. You’ll definitely pay more here than you would at Walgreens or any normal store, but, on the other hand, you get to pick and choose exactly what you want. Besides candy, they also carry speciality sodas and during the summer they have snow-cones! Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a fun store to kill time in while waiting for a movie There aren’t too many novelty candy stores like this anymore, and it’s pretty awesome but very very pricy. I love it and will go back and Max loved it too.

An absolutely amazing and refreshing piece of cinema to say the least; From the performances to the overall experience that the movie successfully delivers to its viewers, this being none other then the make believe ‘audience’ but also us who are viewing this remarkable piece. The performances were incredible, with the obvious David Dastmalchian taking over the screen with a believable and powerful character, with the charisma and personality of a television presenter, however this can not and will not take away the rest of the cast’s amazing ability to perform incredibly well, with these performances my eyes were just glued to the screen for the entirety of the movie. Albeit the movie within the first act may be slightly cheesy, it feels as though this is what the director is going for, and it fits so well within this genre and this style of film. The differentiations in aspect ratio and colour added albeit a small yet effective element to the movie, which heightened the quality and overall experience for me as a whole, wondering and anticipating what happens next. The conflict between different characters is what made this movie so powerful and without going into too much detail; As to not spoil this movie for anyone, the conflicting personalities were what made the story interesting and compelling to the audience, excited to see how the story would meander and turn alongside the characters, as this movie is predominantly set within a studio, and all we have to rely on are the performances, the characters and the story. Again this movie was a 10/10 for me and I would happily watch this again, my only problem is it was not longer, however with what we did get, I am definitely left satisfied and wanting more from the future of this director, and the cast as well.

I can imagine a very nice prequel but not a sequel.

Afterwards we we went to DQ for a couple of cones and then walked over to Output for cocktails and wings but mostly for the eye candy. I brought Melita an Easter basket and had colored eggs the day before.

from 1995 MK ULTRA issue #2 art by Jeff Brown

Oh to have lived in Chicago in the late 60’s or 70’s

I saw this on the walk out and thought it made sense with my silhouette

We were here for hours. Was it worth it. YES. This was the best Easter I’ve had in a decade. Thanks Max, Melita and Emily! I had cold wings and ice cold milk the next morning.

The home improvement begins. Yes, since I decided it makes no sense financially or realistically to move away I used some of the Christmas bonus I got from my employers to get to work on the home I’ve lived since 2007 and though I’ve boxed a lot (to the relief of my brother who will inherit my estate after I pass) and the first was a book shelf since my books were overflowing I’d have to make it work and with a few adjustments and the help of Greg Drunken we got this piece together It felt good for one of my bosses to be or at least act to be like she was curious of my purchases.

The final piece was the bar see you pictured above and it was a two man job that took a long time to assemble and ironically it was the last sunny day we’ve had up till today that hasn’t been rainy , snowy or overcast and cold. This bar is going to change the dynamic of my warm months in 2024 and beyond. We were both pleasantly surprised that the heavy glass top was smoked glass. Red Patio Bar Set 3-Piece Wicker Patio Table Set Outdoor Bar Set 2 Stools and 1 Glass Top Table Patio Rattan Bar Table Set Outdoor Bistro Set Patio Furniture Set for Deck.

My second purchase was another item I’ve needed and put off since I thought I was moving . I finally bought this island for my kitchen to free up counter space and make more use of the empty center of the kitchen. Greg Drunken also help me assemble this Kitchen Island Table with Power Outlet, 3 Tier Coffee Station and Microwave Stand, for Home, Kitchen and Dining Room.

And now my tavern table which I had since 2005 when I lived at 4119 N Kenmore has now served as a table where we sit things or use the chairs for guests or just to hang coats on. This is much more functional now as a part of the kitchen that can be used for guests

Something else I’ll be buying soon for the bar is an item I’ve actually bought for people as gifts and always wanted for myself.

Last week I bought these very large and loud chimes. HELLS BELLS! So far they’ve survived the winds. I’ve had other chimes that cannot withstand the weather that takes out my deck every season. If these make it till May I’m buying more.

I bought a nice new cat tree for the spoiled cats. My bosses. I was hoping to keep them off of my furniture. Who am I kidding? Its not my house. Its theirs and they let me live in it as anindentured servant.

After I bought and with Greg’s help assembled the bookshelf there was wallspace I need to fill. SO I did order an Edie tin for my brothers birthday and one for myself. I also gave to my brother for his BO an unopened mint condition Ace Frehley 1978 KISS Solos album picture disc

So after the tins of the Edie Sedgwick screen tests shots that Andy Warhol did I ordered another shot from the same series and the above 4 piece canvas art to put above the new bookshelf. I put the ASS ART that Eden Lake gave me for my birthday a few years ago into the guest room where David Lee Roth used to hang.

There she is next to Debbie Harry another Warhol favorite

I was happy to see the vote count which took 10 day s went in favor of my candidate. However after accepting her newly elected position kinda back peddled on her “tougher on crime” promise. At least its not Kim Foxx or her hand picked candidate.

Oy Vey my least favorite holiday in Chicago. But this year I’d be spending it at the Brig where I also had to promote the Dave McAnally gig the following Thursday. Thankfully its far from Wrigleyville. Greg and I did a podcast with Dave McNally which was about Irish drinking songs or drinking songs in general . Dave dropped us off and I hand delivered a stack of postcard fliers to the crowd. We hung for a few hour sand came home. I had work the next morning,.

Thats Robin a very cool bartender at The Brig

More pix from the MINISTRY show with Gloria. Hard to believe I’ve known her since 2001 when I worked with her out in Cumberland with IRI

A meme from Pittsburgh that I made all about Detroit Jason’s house in Michigan. His fridge packed full of beer and a big table full of other spirits

Okay then, she left after 2 episodes but I love this character and hope she returns when Haley leaves Intelligence.

In Chicago P.D. Season 11, Episode 7’s “The Living Dead,” we were introduced to a new Special Victims Unit officer, Det. Jo Petrovic.

She was brought on to help the Intelligence Unit with a complex serial killer case and is instantly an asset, with the unique ability to understand the psychology behind particularly heinous crimes and perpetrators. 

“Petrovic is extremely smart, but she has her own kind of secrets and demons that she’s dealing with,” Jason Beghe (Voight) told TV Insider. “And socially, she’s somewhere a little further along on the spectrum than most, but she has a strong sense of herself and she’s a very astute and useful a member of the team at this point to help us solve the problems, figuring out who this serial killer is. She’s a gifted profiler.”

Portrayed by Bojana Novakovic is an Australian actress. She is known for starring in the police procedural television series Instinct (2018–2019).

In film, she has appeared in Drag Me to Hell (2009), Edge of Darkness (2010), Devil (2010), Generation Um… (2012), The Little Death (2014), I, Tonya (2017) and Birds of Prey (2020).

J E Lake

Since 2020 I’ve survived death of my son, a tornado, covid & cancer. Vote & help me affirm getting thru w/a COVER & fund my animal rescue


“Countless people between us that wouldn’t be alive without MusiCares, so our aim is to give back” – Dave Navarro

vote at the link below

Eden with Carla Harvey (Butcher Babies) at Zou B Art Center

Working with a true professional the likes of Dave McAnally is a relief and a true honor. The guys is a deciduated artist as well as a great family man to his wife and kids. You’ll be hearing more about our collaborations this year and beyond for sure.

Dave’s stage setup at the Brig

Detroit Jason with the Court of Owls ring and Very Metal vest from his bday

I just have to plug my favorite local eatery El Palmar who have put up with me for almost 2 decades. Thank you.

MId month I took time to watch these 3 films. Tuff Turf I saw back in the 80’s.Poor Things blew my ever expanding mind.

Now to go back to the previous entry for captions.

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