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Atrophy “Asylum”- Massacre Records

Review by Detroit Jason Kenski

Arizona thrash kings Atrophy are back, after a 34 year absence. And they haven’t lost a step. Featuring original vocalist Brian Zimmerman, and a revamped lineup, ASYLUM picks up where 1990’s VIOLENT BY NATURE(a thrash classic, in my opinion) left off.

Opening track “Punishment For All” is one of the best opening tracks on a thrash album I’ve heard in awhile. They came out swinging on this track, and never take their foot off the thrash metal pedal. The guitar work of Mark Coglan(rhythm) and Nathan Montalvo(lead) is phenomenal and aggressive. Track #4 “Distortion” is more about the distortion of the world, and not the guitar sound on the track, which is awesome. Track #6 “American Dream” is a song that shows that things in the world haven’t gotten any better since their last 2 releases, 1988’s SOCIALIZED HATE and 1990’s VIOLENT BY NATURE. Track #8 “The Apostle” attacks the hypocrisy of the church and religion without going all Deicide, and getting too preachy(no pun intended). Album closer “Five Minutes To Suicide” shows the effects war on a soldier who has returned home. And they NAIL it here. 

To call this a triumphant comeback would be AN UNDERSTATEMENT. Atrophy are back, and you can tell that the last 34 years have weighed heavily on Brian’s thoughts and psyche. This is a SOLID thrash album, one that a band who hadn’t released an album since 34 years shouldn’t be making BUT DID, and DID IT WELL.

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