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The Wizards “The Exit Garden”- High Roller Records

Review by Detroit Jason Kenski

Spain’s stoner/doom metal outfit The Wizards are back, with their 4th release THE EXIT GARDEN, on High Roller Records. And they didn’t disappoint.

Opening track, the title track, gives you a taste of what to expect the rest of the album. Track #3 “Oniros” starts out with a slow guitar riff, before kicking in and rocking the fuck out. Track #4 “Holy Mountain Mind” is a killer track, that is classic doom/stoner but with their own spin on it. 

The band aren’t out to reinvent the wheel here, and that is what works for them.  While they’ll never been confused for Sleep, Electric Wizard or St. Vitus….they got the heart and talent to make it work here, and play up to their strengths, which is Ian Mason’s vocals, and the guitar work of Phil The Pain and George Dee. 

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