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Today, the Los Angeles-based Trade Secrets returns with a new collection of stories about life, love and loss entitled ‘Escaping History.’ This release is a reflection of the substantial emotional, artistic and existential growth that each of the band’s members have experienced since the release of ‘These Other Lives.’ The new collection, ‘Escaping History,’ is a full-length sonic journey spanning multiple sounds and genres that jettisons the band headfirst into the future by embracing their collective past. “Life threw a few curveballs at us,” says the band’s F.J. DeSanto, “but when we finally got our shit together, it became clear that those challenges galvanized us and made us eager to dive into uncharted territory. That unity and desire to shake up how we operate has resulted in what could quite possibly be the best album we have ever made.” Smoother, deeper, and sonically more dynamic than their previous efforts, ‘Escaping History’ redefines the established Trade Secrets sound by rooting these nine new songs in a complexity and maturity born out of the passion and pathos of life itself. ‘Escaping History’ is available today from Distortion Productions on CD and through all digital and streaming platforms.



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