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I want the touch of your charms. The heat of your breath. I want to say all those things, those dirty things, That would be better unsaid

Valentines Day, yeah right. Met Max for dinner at Flaco’s Tacos after a quick trip to Aldi in Edgewater. Not a fan of frozen margaritas I remedied it by bringing a pint of Hornitos Silver to spike my frozen libation. The downside was my last swallow gave me intense brain freeze. This place has some of the best shrimp tacos I’ve ever had. This was my thirds visit, I was too sick last time to finish. Its sure to be on my summer bike trip stops. Supposed to have Lucy’s with Phyllis but she seems to have gone dark again, Not a good sign. I don’t want to lose another friend to that “shit”.

All for around $40. A beer, a margarita, 3 tacos and tamales

Too fucking funny to not share

Seeing the boys again with Eric and Jennifer Mills and Rockin’ Robinette Jacqueline

Finally after waiting my entire life I am finally seeing Adam Ant LIVE

The sunshine was deceitful and it was cold but not as cold as some of the parades past.

The moon, a waxing gibbous on its way to the height of its cycle, was visible over Uptown Saturday afternoon as the Argyle Lunar New Year parade made its way down the street, a week after the holiday began.

The more than 40-year-old parade — which kicked off at the corner of West Argyle Street and North Winthrop Avenue — was just part of the slew of celebrations set for the area Saturday, which included performances at various local businesses and activities for kids.

Leading the charge were the lion dancers, donning their iconic costumes at the front of the parade.

As tradition would have it I met with Max, his grandson AJ and his brother Rico for lunch at Pho Loan. Unlike years passed it was packed before the parade but emptied out during the parade. Toward the end of the parade I went and got us a table and shortly after it as packed again. I covered lunch since the weekend prior Max covered my tab at Output. Incidentally I would end up at Output later to meet up with Melita.

I received a text from Melita telling me she gets done with work by 5 and the plan was to meet up after. I had a couple hours of downtime and around 430 PM she followed up letting me know Emily called off (yeah she was at the same parade where I had been earlier) and that she’d by me a double Jamo if I’d meet her at Output where she tends bar when she gets off now at 8PM which turned into 930 PM. She was happy with her new hat and as she was yawning we stopped at Wrigleyville North for a drink before I put her in an Uber to get home for some sleep.

To be continued I’m sure.

Sunday in an Uber on my way to The Brig I saw the clown nosed Were Bum at the intersection of Western and Irving Park Road

Sunday afternoon I was back at the Brig where I introduced Eric to Dave McAnally who will be paying gigs there acoustically starting in late March. Later on Max arrived and we hung till around 7 PM and the place was getting very busy when we left. All in all I had a very very nice weekend.

Paul J Baio, AZ and Jason Meudt at Liars Club 2000 still friends and Jason looks the same over 20 years later

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