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I don’t care what your mama’s thinkin’. Everbody knows that beer ain’t drinkin’

I really need to get this all caught up. My work is busier than its been in months which is a really good sign. I can’t even take a break without the phone ringing. So many things going on and I’m cranking out podcasts on the weekends and enjoying a somewhat social life and this coming weekend is booked solid as well with the Lunar New Year Parade this coming Saturday. My youngest brother recently encountered a car accident and he’s freaking out so I’m also trying to balance in time for him. The only thing more important in my life currently than work is my brother. As far as this Diary section the hardest part are the images so now all I really have to do is fill in text. Hoping tomorrow. Please stand by. – Alejandro Diablo

Another shocker and this was an artist that played an important part of life personal life and professional career. Pure energy and craziness. All in all everything is pretty much summed up in the following social media posts and in depth on the most recent MKULTRASOUND Podcast. Yes the photos of Mojo’s appendage does exist and will be in the forthcoming MK ULTRA Magazine coffee table book that Max and I are working on. I’m happy he died doing what he loved and that it wasn’t a casualty of fentanyl like so many other deaths’ have been recently. This shit isn’t going away and I wish people would wise up. You don’t know what you’re getting anymore

Ass Detroit Jason Kenski wrote, this is perhaps the greatest artist rider of all time.

Above text message from Eric Mills

Phyllis B finally came to spend some quality time with me in person We went to El Palmar which is a “rite of passage” . She very much enjoyed it and I’m planning to take her to Lucy’s this Thursday night after work.

We’ve been Facebook and phone friends for years but this was our very first face-to-face. She arrived at my place around 230 PM and took a nap as I was incredibly busy with work. Very busy my week had been since returning from the LA GUNS concert trip a week prior. It was a welcome thing to be so busy because for about 3 months I have not been. Both of my cats slept with her. She did hear my burst out an obscenity as my phone and email was blowing up

Next time I’m getting the large

Phyllis was craving some guacamole and its what she got as well as tacos

His and Hers margaritas

Phyllis moving into her new Bensenville condo

After dinner we sat in the living room watching trailers and getting cozy. She couldn’t stay due to her having a new dog at her new home. The time we had was very nice. She was full of compliments and it could not have been any different than 2 years prior at this same time of year I was spending time with a woman who would not hesitate to call out my faults. She didn’t like my shoes. She didn’t like my hair. She didn’t like that I didn’t wear cologne and that I didn’t have more hair on my legs. It wore heavily on my self esteem. Phyllis liked my biker jewelry and complimented me on my hair. Before her accident she worked at Mario Tricoci in Naperville so she knows a few things about hair. She also really liked my skin. Also commented on my shoes as to “they look comfortable” which were the exact brand and style of the shoes that weren’t like two years prior. Oh quit! No, don’t.

Eric Mills meets Eden Lake at LA GUNS in Hobart IN Arts Theater. I love connecting people like them.

Tracii Guns solo at the Arts Theater in Hobart

This weekend on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast

Saturday: Eric Mills

Sunday: A Mojo Nixon Tributation


The Podcast with Max bravo and Eric Mills was a total hoot. Man, we were all laughing so hard. It was nice to finally have Eric over. Afterwards Max and I went to Output for dinner and drinks where we met our friend Michael.

At Output in Wrigleyville with Michael and Max. My second visit there for food in a week.

Just the best wings in Chicago

The variety of wings at Output puts most spots to shame, with unique sauce flavors like lemon pepper and roasted garlic barbecue. It’s right near the United Center in West Town. There’s also a location close to Wrigley Field. This might be the best “traditional” wing in town.

There she is Melita wearing one of my many cowboy hats. I bought one for her this week and we’re supposed to get together when she gets out of work this Saturday. I’m greatly looking forward to it.

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