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Everything I have, everything I own. All my mistakes man, you already know. I wanna be free, I wanna be free. So I search to find my…..

My long overdue visit to the Illinois Holocaust Museum finally happened and inspired a 2 hour long podcast the following day which was partly inspired by VH-1 Classics Matzoh & Metal which made its debut in 2005. Matzo And Metal: A Very Classic Passover” invites viewers — Jews and Gentiles alike — to the network’s own version of a rock-n-roll Passover Seder attended by heavy metal and hard rock artists who happen to be Jewish. Also there was a follow up,

“Matzo and Metal II: Back To The Desert”. The second annual Seder set to premiere on the network for classic rock lovers will bring together rock artists — that all happen to be Jewish — for a meal never to be forgotten at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas.

The half-hour special, premiered on Thursday, April 13 and featured Scott Ian (ANTHRAX),Evan Seinfeld (BIOHAZARD), Josh Silver (TYPE O NEGATIVE) and VH1 Classic host Lynn Hoffman as they gather for Kosher food and to discuss what rock music and their Jewish heritage have meant to them.

Those unfamiliar with a Passover Seder will hear how music plays a key role in the traditional dinner and see how the rich history of Passover is shared through storytelling. And hard rock and heavy metal musicians certainly have plenty of stories!

“Matzo and Metal II: Back To The Desert” special guests:

Scott Ian‘s contributions to the world of heavy metal are quite significant. Falling under the spell of KISS at an early age, Scott developed an interest in guitar and he founded the group ANTHRAXIan is best known for contributing to the group’s unique sound with his crunchy guitar riffs, in addition to being the group’s chief lyricist. Over time, ANTHRAX helped create the style now known today as “thrash metal.”

Evan Seinfeld is known to millions of fans as a founding member and the bassist/vocalist of BIOHAZARD and for his recurring role on HBO‘s “Oz”Seinfeld is credited with incorporating the sounds of hip hop into BIOHAZARD‘s metal edge, a distinctive sound that resonates with fans.

Josh Silver is the keyboardist for the metal quartet TYPE O NEGATIVE. Formed in 1990, TYPE O NEGATIVE prides itself on creating gothic metal music and never taking themselves too seriously — a recipe that has garnered them critical and commercial success.

Last week Jan 16th – 20th it was bitter cold in the city. Temps below zero or only single digits all week and the burbs and NW Indian and Wisconsin got hammered with snow. The cold is uncomfortable but doable. This week Jan 21st-26th is just sloppy, wet, dame, dreary and just plain nasty. My least favorite weather and its so slick out I have not been able to take my trash down the 3 flights of stairs out back to the dumpsters,. City livin in Chicago!

Nothing like some good spicy Tom Yum Soup from Tac Quick on days like these. I always add an extra pound on shrimp to it. It makes for 2-3 healthy meals.

Wednesday, August 14 Can Do Con Larry’s latest event

Chicago’s Best End Of Summer V.I.P. Day Party Into Late Night Club Vibe Event. Top DJ’s, Live Ent., Vendors, Food, Drinks & More. In/Outside

This exceptional party is brought to you by the same people who brought you The Chicago Sexcon. Here is our newest event!

Where else will you find the finest indoor/outdoor high end venue in downtown Chicago that will be filled with the top names in DeeJays, Live Entertainment, High Value Vendors, Great Food Choices, Phenom Drink Specials, Tops In New Product Premiers & A New Way Of Expressing Our Freedoms..

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Dress to impress. Bikini contests and summer vibes inside & out. Cash Prizes & More..

Starting off the day at 2 pm, we will have a day party vibe in the outside areas of the venue with tons of high end fun inside. After the sun goes down, the outside will have a darker, more intimate feel with a V.I.P. nightclub vibe inside. We close the night at 2 am.


Located close to Grand & Milwaukee avenues in the city.. train, bus, taxi & rideshare are the best options due to limited parking.

Earlybird tickets available until they sell out. Smoke-friendly venue. Limited Number Of Attendees Allowed.

Kaufman’s Deli is a delicatessen in Skokie, Illinois in the United States. The deli opened in the 1960s as a hub for holocaust survivors, and is one of the Chicago area’s oldest operating Jewish delis. The deli has been owned by the Dworkin family since 1984, and was rebuilt after a 2011 fire. Bagels at Kaufmans use caraway seeds, which is a Midwestern style.

I had the THE ULTIMATE BROWN BAG LUNCH (or dinner) $ 19.50
Perfect for Corporate or picnic lunches! We oversize a sandwich or your choice. Then we add
pickles. The we add a side of slaw or potato salad. Then we add a bag of chips and a Dr. Brown’s soda to wash it down. PLUS we add your choice of brownie or oversize cookie.

Hot regular Corned Beef, Hard Salami, Brown Mustard and Spicy Mayo, topped with Cole Slaw on Rye.

The Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center is a museum located in Skokie, Illinois, near Chicago. According to the Center’s mission statement, its founding principle is to “Remember the Past; Transform the Future.” Its mission is to preserve the legacy of the Holocaust by honoring victims’ memories and to educate in the service of combating hatred, prejudice, and indifference. The Museum fulfills its mission through its collections-based exhibitions and through education programs and other initiatives that promote human rights and the elimination of genocide.

The museum began in 1981 as the Holocaust Memorial Foundation of Illinois located in a storefront on Main Street in Skokie, Illinois. The foundation and small museum were established as a response to a Neo-Nazi group’s attempt to march through Skokie, in which many Holocaust survivors had settled in the decades following the atrocities.

On April 19, 2009, the museum opened to the public in a new building with festivities including a keynote speech by Bill Clinton with Elie Wiesel in attendance. President Barack Obama spoke through a recorded video message, as did Shimon Peres, president of Israel.

Security arrangements at the museum were tightened after the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum shooting on June 10, 2009. Currently, the museum’s volunteers include members of the Action Reconciliation Service for Peace and the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service (since 2009) that work for the museum.

The museum’s building was designed by Stanley Tigerman. The Interior and Exhibition were co-designed by Yitzchak Mais, a former director of Yad Vashem. The first-floor Holocaust exhibition is located next to the auditorium, the main entrance hall, information and membership desks, a coatroom, a gift shop, and a library.

The upper floor contains the remembrance areas, the art gallery, the upper part of the auditorium, and offices. The basement contains classrooms, an exhibition for children, an exhibition on the building’s history, and a conference area.

The building’s facade is notably two-toned, a black half that includes the entrance doors and a white half with the exit doors. This facade is located in a narrow alley and situated so that one cannot view the entire facade from any one location.

Afterward Ellen and I left the museum we stopped at Vallis Produce in Evanston where I hadn’t been in a couple of years.

Valli Produce stands out as a gem among grocery stores in the Chicagoland area, offering a shopping experience that transcends the ordinary. From the moment you step into the store, you are greeted by a visual feast of beautifully arranged produce aisles that seem to have been lifted from the pages of a magazine. The meticulous stocking of every aisle further enhances the store’s aesthetic appeal.

One of the notable aspects of Valli Produce is its unwavering commitment to cleanliness. The store maintains a spotless environment, creating a welcoming and hygienic atmosphere for shoppers. The dedication to cleanliness extends to the well-organized deli counters, where endless options await those seeking quality and variety.

The staff at Valli Produce are a shining example of exceptional customer service. Universally pleasant and friendly, they contribute to the overall positive ambiance of the store. Whether you have a question about a product or need assistance, the staff is readily available to help, making your shopping experience delightful.

The bakery at Valli Produce deserves special mention, as it has earned a reputation for excellence. Phenomenal in its offerings, the bakery provides a range of delectable treats that cater to diverse tastes. From fresh bread to sweet pastries, the bakery adds a delightful dimension to the overall shopping experience.

Seafood enthusiasts will find Valli Produce to be a haven of limitless options. The seafood section boasts a diverse selection, ensuring that customers can access the finest and freshest choices available.

While the quality and experience at Valli Produce are undeniable, it’s worth noting that pricing leans toward the higher side. This premium is reflective of the store’s commitment to providing top-notch products and service. For those who prioritize a superior shopping experience, the slightly higher costs may be a worthwhile investment.

In conclusion, Valli Produce stands tall as the epitome of grocery shopping excellence in the Chicagoland area. Its combination of visually stunning displays, friendly staff, diverse product offerings, and commitment to cleanliness makes it a standout choice for those seeking a premium shopping experience.

The next day, Sunday Jan 21st we did a special podcast MKULTRASOUND’s Matzoh & Metal. Ellen brought some cabbage based soup and I had some baked cheese I had order previously but we’d need to knock out what would be a two hour long podcast featuring Jewish Metal/Hard Rock musicians. The heat in my building had been cranked up so high that I had to wear a tank top even though it was still below freezing outside.

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