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“You can’t put your arms around a memory.”

Post by Dan Milligan Saturday October 21, 2023 at 2:39 PM

Hello, friends-

Today, it is my unfortunate duty to deliver some truly horrible news.

This past Thursday Bria Toulemonde, wife of my dear friend Matthew Lee Clark, passed away in their residence in Austin, Texas. Details are EXTREMELY limited at this time. So, while I understand that everyone will undoubtedly have many questions about what has happened, please understand that little more is currently known.

Matt and Bria have SO many people who love them. If you’re one of those people, and you’re finding out this way, I am just so, so sorry. Communicating news like this via social media never feels right, But over the last couple of days I have been in touch with Matt, a few of his close friends, and his Mother, and together we decided that it was important to say something publicly before too long goes by.

If you’re a good friend of Matt’s, Bria’s death raises many questions regarding what will be happening with his care in the future. And while I don’t have all of those answers today, please know that I have been in touch with the ReuroRehab facility where he is staying, in order to attempt to get that all sorted out.

And lastly….while direct communication with Matt has seemed almost impossible since he entered the NeuroRehab facility a few months ago, that will be changing in the near future. In November he is scheduled to undergo the surgery to replace the piece of his skull they removed after his stroke. After he has recovered from that procedure, it will be possible for anyone who wants to speak directly with Matt to do so.

I promise you that I will make information known as soon as it becomes available. With that in mind, I’m asking you to please respect the privacy of Matt and his Mother. They have no more information than what I’ve given you here, and they truly need the time and space to grieve.

Much love-


No matter how many friends I consistently lose I’ve not become numb to it. For those of us who live the rock n roll lifestyle it comes all too frequently. A few years ago after Big Mike and Chris “The Mighty Thor” from Pittsburgh passed Justin who is still in Pittsburgh asked me “How the hell is it that we’re still alive?” Giant men, just like the Great Nick Huffman who I lost a year and a half ago which was just 2 weeks after I performed the wedding ceremony for Matthew and Bria. Last summer Matthew suffered a stroke and last week Bria died just days after her birthday and days after I last spoke with her on the phone trying to help her with a situation down there is Austin. The podcast we did yesterday was in her honor.

“You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory” with guests Detroit Jason Kenski and Greg Duncan tribute to the memory of Bria Toulemonde wife of Matthew Lee Clark

Music from:

People Who Died – People Who Died – Jim Carroll
Say Hello 2 Heaven (25th Anniversary Mix) · Temple Of The Dog
Life Fades Away- Roy Orbison lyrics by Glenn Danzig
Hollywood Vampires – My Dead Drunk Friends lyrics by Johnny Depp
Johnny Thunders – You Can’t Put Your Arms Around a Memory
Jim Morrison – The Severed Garden

with KISS Trivia and Annoying and/or Offensive Soundbites

The Punk Rock wedding of a lifetime May 2022 and a true honor that I was asked to perform the nuptials.

Desiree Starr Harris

Herschel Savage died on October 8, 2023, at the age of 70

Herschel Savage (born Harvey Cohen, November 25, 1952 – October 8, 2023), in New York City, to Russian-Jewish parents. His mother battled with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Growing up, he attended a Conservative synagogue. Savage saw his first adult film The Nun’s Bad Habit at a movie theater in Times Square.

We had a conversation about Seymore Butts aka Adam Glasser his good friend an a working / business acquaintance of mine and the wonderful movie, Darkside (Red Light District) Review featuring Penny Flame and Herschel Savage.

April 2022 I got to meet a true legend and gentleman, Herscel Savage at EXXXOTOCA in Rosemont. It was a honor and the man couldn’t have been any kinder or humble. I last saw him April 2022 under the influence of Twix edibles.

We had a conversation about Seymore Buts aka Adam Glasser his good friend an a working / business acquaintance of mine and the wonderful movie , Darkside (Red Light District) Review featuring Penny Flame and Herschel Savage.

You know how dreams almost make sense yet don’t quite? This movie is a lot like that. Darkside is the tale of an adulterous woman (Penny Flame) who’s lover is gunned down by her jealous husband. But Penny is left wondering if this murder actually happened when a mad scientist reveals an invention that can tamper with the fabric of space/time. Dimensions weave in and out of each other and she’s left wondering which reality is which. Or maybe it’s all one giant hoax? A mind implant to delude her.

The acting: The acting is stronger than the plot. There are no weak links in this movie and Penny particularly shines as the main protagonist. Hershel Savage and Randy Spears also play their parts to perfection with William Margold capably playing the zany, offbeat scientist type.

The sex: The sex here is a lot raunchier than the typical story-based porno. We get the Redlight style of raw, lusty fucking with the more glamorous tint of a feature film adorning it. On the downside, the camerawork- although unique- isn’t the best; oftentimes the frame will glide around and the action falls off the screen; a style choice I guess.

Overall: I enjoyed the movie a lot and am delighted to see Avalon take Redlight into the gonzo/feature direction. He’s got two more of these coming out in the next few months and they look great gauging by the trailers. One last thing to note, Alicia Alighatti and Hillary Scott steal the show here as the evil school girls. Their sex scenes sizzle and the nature of their characters seems to amplify their sex appeal.

Maggie Judge (June 25th 1992-June 25, 2017)

It was on Maggie’s 25th birthday and during EXXXOTICA 2017 that I was devastated by her loss. She lived in constant pain and I witnessed it first hand on our first real night together. Her professional name was Izrah Indica and we shared a lot of good times together. Herfuneral card is still on my refrigerator. She wasn’t the pny woman who I cared deeply for that I’ve lost.But her passing is still fresh in my heart.

Doing some promotion on my final Chicago MK ULTRA live event. It’s looking to be a success though its 5 weeks away. Time flies.

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