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Extreme Metal Band SIGLOS to Release Their First EP on January 27th

SIGLOS embodies true power in Heavy Metal combining extreme elements with Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Industrial Metal creating a transformative musical experience. Based out of Los Angeles, California, SIGLOS’s band members include two-time Grammy-nominated guitarist, Sin Quirin, (formerly of Ministry) and insanely powerful vocalist and member of Transtorno, Pedro Sanchez. The group just released their EP titled “Rituales Sagrados”and its unique sound promises to give metal lovers an immersion into their own spirituality, along with a deep dive into the intense, extreme and evocative sound that SIGLOS has established since their genesis.   

By blending their Mexican and Spanish heritage into ritualistic lyrics, exploring non-traditional techniques with rhythms, chanting – and even having a Shaman perform a cleansing ritual on their lead singer during the shooting of their music video for their most recent release, “Morir Para Vivir”. 

“Rituales Sagrados” will take listeners on a journey through an explanation of Ancestral Medicine such as Ayahuasca, intense methods of self-reflection, and connection to our inner selves – as well as our own mortality.

“Rituales Sagrados” will peak the interests of metal lovers and leave them yearning for more.” –  Alex Crescioni , Music Producer.

The first track off the EP, “Soga De Los Muertos,” is an immersive experience right from the start. Lead guitarist Sin Quirin (and catalyst for the genesis of the band) shares, “For me, this song touches on the “sound” people seem to know me for. It has that “industrial-ish” element to it.” Lead singer Pedro Sanchez dives into the deeper meaning of the song when he shares, “Soga De Los Muertos” is a song honoring the Spirit of the Ancestral Medicine “Ayahuasca”. The translation of the word of Ayahuasca is “Soga De Los Muertos” or “Soga De Los Espiritus” which in English is “Rope of the Dead” or “Rope of The Spirits.” He explains, “when I go into Ayahuasca Ceremonies, it takes us to the world of the dead – which is the Spirit realm where you can work to heal health, physical, mental and emotional blockages to live better.”

On “Gran Espejo De Humo,” the second track off the EP, Sin explains it as a classic “barn burner – fast, up-tempo, and relentless.” On the other hand, Pedro chose to describe it as a very personal song; “It’s when you find the courage to look deep into the Smoking Mirror of your reflection and find or figure out all the ugly parts of us that make us ignorant.” The complexity of this EP seems to evoke different feelings in its listeners, as well as its creators. 

The third track off the EP, “Llaves Sagradas” goes to show the band’s true versatility and boundary-pushing nature, while diving into their deep spirituality. Pedro shares that “Llaves Sagradas” or “Sacred Keys” is about using Ancestral Medicines to unlock information from the spirit realm to reconnect with our inner selves. According to producer Alex Crescioni, Sin’s “brilliant mechanical heavy riffage and song arrangements” along with Pedro’s heavy chorus made working on this track, and the album as a whole an unforgettable experience. 

You can listen to “Rituales Sagrados” on all streaming platforms on January 27th.

Listen here:

The EP will also include two previous tracks “Por Los Siglos” and “Morir Para Vivir.”

The EP’s innate uniqueness is best described by Crescioni when he states, “when listening to the EP, you will find yourself immersed into 5 different scenes of ancient indigenous kingdoms.” 

Iconic musician, guitarist, bandleader, and main songwriter for thrash metal band Exodus Gary Holt shares, “Sin has been a solid backbone to everything he’s been involved in and it’s great to see him stepping out now to do his own thing. He is a true rockstar in every sense of the word.” And similarly, musician Todd La Torre, lead singer for progressive metal band Queensrÿche describes Sin as “a unique talent, an underrated guitar hero, and a key dynamic member of every project he’s done.” 

The combination of Sin’s power in his craft, along with Pedro’s unstoppable vocals allow them to excel as a creative duo and create extreme metal music that moves its audience beyond just listening – and awakens the spirit inside of its audience.

The EP “Rituales Sagrados” will be available on all streaming platforms on January 27th and will take listeners on a deep-rooted psychedelic journey that promises to transcend our current realm. There is truly no end in sight for this group, and “Rituales Sagrados” is just the beginning of a powerful journey for Sin and Pedro.


Los Angeles, CA-based Extreme Metal band SIGLOS is a heavy metal band combining aspects of Black Metal, Doom Metal, and Industrial Metal. It features two-time Grammy Nominated guitarist Sin Quirin (formerly of Ministry, Lords of Acid, American Head Charge, Revolting Cocks, and Society1), and Pedro Sanchez (Transtorno). The pair blend their Mexican and Spanish roots into the lyrics, rhythms, and music, creating a dark atmospheric raw intensity.

For more information on SIGLOS, please visit:

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