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GLENN DANZIG Announces ‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ Concert At Hollywood’

Glenn Danzig will play a special “Danzig Sings Elvis” show on February 10 at the historic Montalb├ín theatre in Hollywood, California.

Glenn‘s last “Danzig Sings Elvis” concert took place in October 2021 at the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.

Danzig‘s collection of Elvis Presley covers, appropriately titled “Danzig Sings Elvis”, was released in April 2020. Tracks that appeared on the effort include “Is It So Strange”“Loving Arms” and “One Night”, which can be streamed below.

Asked what it was about “One Night” that stood out to him, Glenn told Rolling Stone: “It’s a great song. There’s a lot of different versions of it that I did while I was in the studio with multiple vocal takes. I did some a little softer, some a little harder. Some in between. The one I decided on is the one I like the best.”

Regarding how “Danzig Sings Elvis” came together, Danzig said: “What happened was, in between doing it, I’ve been working on a million other things. I’m working on other records. It started out as, ‘I’m gonna do a ‘Danzig Sings Elvis’ EP, and it can be four or five songs.’ And eventually, while doing other records, we’d have downtime and I’d just turn to Tommy [Victor, guitarist] and say, ‘Let’s do another Elvis track or two.’ He’s like, ‘Okay.’ Eventually, it became an album.

Danzig previously covered Presley‘s “Trouble” on his eponymous band’s “Thrall-Demonsweatlive” EP in 1993. He also recorded a version of “Let Yourself Go” for 2015’s “Skeletons”.

DANZIG was formed in 1987 after Glenn‘s involvement with horror-punks the MISFITS and gothic hard rockers SAMHAIN.

DANZIG‘s latest album, “Black Laden Crown”, came out in May 2017 via Evilive Records/Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

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