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Society 1 New Members, Tour and Movie News

Award winning director Matt “The Lord” Zane and co-director Dagon Destroyer have begun working on a new film exploring the shock rock genre. This will be Zane’s follow up to 2022’s documentary “The Altered Noise” which was about his former bandmate DV Karloff.

In the new film Dagon and Zane will be interviewing various artists as well discussing their own contributions to the genre that they became heavily involved with when Zane began body suspension during the bands performances in 2002.

In addition to interviews Zane’s band Society 1 featuring Dagon on

rums will be followed by a camera crew when they hit the road for

next year’s “Rise Of The Machine” tour with Static-X, Fear Factory and


“This isn’t just going to be some rehash of a shock rock documentary.

Yes we’ll have the interviews but it’s also a story about my personal

experience with body suspension and if shock rock will be accepted in

this political climate during the next tour. ” said Zane

The movie will jump between the present and newly acquired footage of

the band during their most controversial times between the years 2002

and 2006.

“I’m making this film with Lord Zane who is arguably the most extreme

shock rocker of our generation. He suspended, over my drumset by

meathooks when I was only 18-years-old and my life was turned upside

down being subjected to such debaucherous and dangerous behavior while

we were on tour. Two decades later, we’ve rejoined forces to make a

film that sets out to tell the story of our lower nature and to give

people an insider look at the length performances artists are willing

to go to be remembered.” said Dagon

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