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2022: I smoked a lot of sky, I drank a lot of rain. Anything to ease my pain.

Mina Dragomirova took it when I walked into baggage claim at Dallas Ft Worth. They only thing you can see other than my silhouette is the devil head pendant I was wearing. She’s a true artist amongst many other talents. The I had the best grits of my life.


DSN Music Presents “STATIC! THE ROCKUMENTARY which reports on the historical evolution of Chicago area rock radio stations, and their music programming changes from the 1970s into the 21st century. A fast-paced educational timeline of Windy City AM & FM broadcast radio formats, which saw a shift in targeting demographics based upon age, and various niches of the rock music genre.

The documentary focuses on the elimination of “hard edged” rock music from corporate owned radio station playlists, which opened the door for niche heavy metal programmed outlets. Chicago area radio stations such as “The Loop”, “Z-Rock”, and its spinoff “G-Force 1330” are featured. The film also follows the influence of popular radio personalities tied to these broadcast outlets, such as Steve Dahl, Wild Bill Scott, and Mancow.

News stories which covered the moves of the Chicago radio industry, cover the rise and fall of many of these stations in this film. Featuring interviews from local Chicago rock radio observers: Patrick Capone, Scott Davidson, Rockin’ Ron Simon, Alex Zander, and Madd Maxx Hammer.

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