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Veteran Punk Renegades MDC Set To Unleash New Album This Month, Share First Single Today!

Los Angeles, CA – Just as the next U.S. presidential election campaigns are kicking into high gear, notorious anti-fascist hardcore punk rock icons, MDC, come roaring back with a vital new album of unflinching political anthems. Set for release on September 29, the new album, War Is A Racket, finds singer and political activist Dave Dictor continuing the band’s 45+ year legacy with a supercharged set of radical punk rock screeds that are as unflinching lyrically as they are musically ferocious.

The album kicks off with “You’re Full Of Shit,” a pulverizing track that showcases the best of MDC – eardrum-shredding guitar riffs, galloping drums, and an epic chorus that drives home the song’s subject in 130 seconds. If ever there was a time when hardcore, radically political punk rock was needed, that time is NOW…and MDC are just the band to bring it!

Watch for the full release of War Is A Racket on CD and vinyl September 29!




1. You’re Full Of Shit

2. Follower

3. War Is A Racket

4. Demagogue

5. Nihilism And Hope

6. World’s On Fire

7. Off With Their Heads

8. Fear For Sale

9. The Big Lie

10. Government Cheese

11. I Am A Donut

12. Puppets

13. Talk About You

14. Worms