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Black Tape For A Blue Girl:  Mesmerized by the sirens (2023 stereo mix) 

Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s 1987 album is fully restored! Revisit this classic album now with 10 bonus tracks.

“Sadly nostalgic of your loneliest days, gently disturbing music that sends your mind adrift on an ocean of reflection.” — Bside Magazine

More than a reissue, it’s a restoration! This new mix of Black Tape For A Blue Girl’s ethereal, evocative and existential 1987 second album flows upon its haunting thread, revealing the heart of its lush dreamscape atmospheres. Sue-Kenny Smith’s lovely British vocals float upon Sam Rosenthal’s electronic and organic darkwave, tempting within their lush mystery. Oscar Herrera’s passionate, powerful voice propels the majority of the tracks with “the sawdust scatter” capturing a late-80s goth rock aura. Rosenthal’s precise new mix — sourced from the original half-inch 8-track tapes — highlights an album even more enchanting than when first released.

“After 36 years,” Rosenthal reflects. “Mesmerized finally matches the way it has always played in my head. I remixed the album from scratch. It’s rich, detailed and distinct. With eq and much more advanced computer mixing possibilities (and many more years of experience) I restored the album to as good as it could have been back in the day. The new CD and LP returns sumptuousness to Mesmerized; it’s the same album yet so different from what I remember. Everything is more present; the vocals engulf you in their despair, desire and allure.”

The Bob wrote, “Rosenthal’s vision is bleak to be sure, packed with repeated images of physical and emotional torture, loneliness and imprisonment.” 

It’s a consuming tapestry of melody and mood, finding hints of beauty as romantic love crashes upon the rocks of desolation and dejection. 

Discover what has been hidden all these years.

BlackTape fan Guillaume R: “The 2023 Mix is truly amazing, almost as if we’d been listening to Mesmerized from a distance for years without knowing. The music shines with so much more depth.”

BlackTape fan Patrick L: “To say it sounds good is quite the understatement. Couldn’t begin to say how many dozens of times I listened to my old CD of Mesmerized, but now it sounds like an old tired cassette tape by comparison. The clarity and depth of sound is incredible. Thank you so much for doing this!” 

Press for the 1987 release:

THE BOB: (As with their debut The Rope (Bob#29)), Mesmerized by the sirens is more of the same elegantly pained stuff, an assemblage of entrancing, blackly Romantic sound paintings. Sam Rosenthal’s vision is bleak to be sure, packed with repeated images of physical and emotional torture, loneliness and imprisonment. Romantic love is paralleled to the Sirens of Greek mythology. Those drawn to either end up “broken,” “scattered,” “drowned.” It does get to be a bit much and one begins to long for at least the illusion of comfort provided by the soft voice of Rosenthal’s sometime collaborator Sue-Kenny Smith, heard prominently, unfortunately, only on the first and final tracks. But if you can take it Mesmerized by the sirens is not without rewards. Its bitter, hurt lyrics are soothed somewhat by the more gently pained, softly drifting music. And though Mesmerized isn’t exactly a good time it is an involving one. — Bruce McClellan

BSIDE: Sadly nostalgic of your loneliest days, gently disturbing music that sends your mind adrift on an ocean of reflection.

OPTION: By far the most subtle release on the Projekt label. A mix of vocals, acoustic and electric instruments, and electronic treatments works perfectly, establishing a natural balance. Sue-Kenny Smith’s otherworldly voice (reminiscent at times of Virginia Astley) complements the sad, bittersweet tone of the songs. The lyrics are riveting. The introspective nature of this record makes it unsuitable for every occasion, but perfect for reflection. — Steve Jones

ROCK EXPRESS: The ethereal, evocative, and somewhat existential Sam Rosenthal spins a euphoric tapestry of melody and mood on this, their second release. Lush vocal harmonies and landscapes of synthesizers and subtly enriched acoustics flow from track to track like an unfolding story.

Formats: 2CD, MiniDisc & two Vinyl LP color configurations.  
200 x “A million nights” seafoam blue/white (Aside/Bside) 140-gram color-vinyl LP
300 x “Our flesh as one” oxblood/orange (Aside/Bside) 140-gram color-vinyl LP
500 x 2CD with 10 bonus tracks