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Well, I’m frustrated. Outdated. I really want to be overrated. I’m a finder. And I’m a keeper. I’m not a loser and I ain’t no weeper

Friday July 21, 2023 with Dave Ganz

I logged off from work at 12 Noon and my train wasn’t departing till 255PM that afternoon. I thought I’d hang out around the west loop where the LaSalle St Metra Station is. Practically right in the heart of the Chicago’s Financial District, centered on LaSalle Street in the Loop, is the fulcrum of the heartland’s economic engines. Looming skyscrapers form a canyon-like effect down LaSalle, which ends abruptly with the Art Deco masterpiece of the Board of Trade on Jackson.

When I made the Belmont Transfer from the Red Line to the Brown Line to the Loop I would be in for a surprise. I knew the McDonald’s near the Sears/Willis Tower had been closed since 2020. I walked by there and ordered breakfast there off and on for over 6 years. What I was not expecting was everything else that has closed. 7-11 store, sandwich shops, mom and pop stores. Gone. The once busy streets of LaSalle and Jackson barely had any foot traffic. Signs on former business’s all read FOR LEASE. So with no place to hang I got on an earlier train at 1:55 PM and I was in New Lenox before I knew it.

I knew I would be eating here the following day.

After we made a quick stop at the local Jewel we got to Dave’s house for the annual gathering of our metal friends. Across the street some kids were selling lemonade so we walked over and bought a couple of glasses. We went inside where Dave started cleaning up and preparing to grill for us. Soon everyone arrived. This time Jason Meudt who now lives in the area dropped by.

An old radio friend Brian Cza who I introduced to the guys a few years ago actually came by as well. There was a lot of beer in the garage now. I actually bought a Modelo Chelada 12 oz Variety Pack, the brand’s next multi-pack offering and first variety pack, featuring our fruit-forward flavors: Mango y Chile, Naranja Picosa, Limón y Sal and Piña Picante! I would drink beer instead of spirits this night.

Dave and Jason.

Dave hosts a YouTube podcast called Metal Dad and Daughters. Its a reaction channel that do new and old music! Music Dave has already heard but his daughters, Natalia and Ava have not. There will be times when daughters will have requests as well for dad to listen to!

Dave’s gazebo which is wired for sound!

It was a very nice visit and we all ate well. I was the last man standing before heading off to bed upstairs in Ava’s room. Everyone else was sawing logs. In the morning everyone split and Dave joined me for lunch.

Joey’s New Lenox: 217 E Maple St, New Lenox, IL

I got into the train station in New Lenox a little early and walked across the lot to Joey’s Red Hots. I am happy I did but didn’t order due to my friends hosting a BBQ. But I did go back in  the morning for lunch.

Living near Wrigleyville as I do one can get a little spoiled with great Chicago Hot Dogs everywhere. This place rivals Portillo’s in nearly every way. The staff was friendly and attentive. The services was fast and the food was delicious. The kitchen looked impressive and I had the beef burrito, a very large over of fries and drink. i also picked up some made in house Giardiniera. All of this only totaled $20.13 which is a deal considering the quality. I look forward to returning when I visit in the future. The menu is EXTENSIVE!