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OUT NOW! DarkWave Industrial Goth Group SYNICAL Releases “Homesick” on June 29th

Los Angeles, CA (June 29th, 2023)Synical releases a heavy-hitting new track that combines electronic, goth, and dark wave elements with “Homesick” today. Based in Los Angeles, Synical encapsulates the sound of a post-punk generation with its roots in traditional dark wave music. They are simultaneously inspired by the industrial goth sound of new wave and techno, and listeners can hear both influences in their music. It is easy to see similarities with artists like Depeche Mode, New Order, The Cure, Prince, Joy Division, and Kraftwerk – Synical is able to bring a modern edge to a classic sound we all know and love. 

Watch Homesick music video here:

Reminiscent of new wave sounds of the eighties, “Homesick” really brings audiences back to this nostalgic sound. Starting off with punchy, goth guitar riffs and rock undertones reminiscent of Killing Joke, listeners are immediately drawn into its sound. At the same time, gripping lyrics remind us of the very real aspect of modern life, and how everything fades with the cruel passage of time.

With lyrics like, “If you’d been through what I’ve been through – you’d keep it all to yourself,” the song speaks to the pain of losing someone, and how this can become an isolating experience. In the words of lead singer and songwriter Brian Haught, “Homesick” is “about the monster that is inside of us all and how it is cleverly disguised as love. So many times you blame others for luxuries and disappointments when in reality the monster creating the pain and hurt is you. The song also reveals that feeling of Deja vu when you are looking and searching for something or someone. A longing to be somewhere else, someplace better. Homesick for a place you’ve never been. But realizing after time drags on, where you are at now is as good as it’s ever going to get in this life.”

The song will be accompanied by a music video that has many emotions tied to it – as well as an insane story behind the production. The video began with the passing of Brian’s father soon before the start of filming, adding tremendous pain and harshness to the start of the shoot. Not to mention, the video was shot on the coldest day of winter in a giant field, where Brian found an abandoned barn to use for the shoot. He also decided to hire a “real life pyromaniac with no formal training or safety equipment wearing a giant top hat” to help with stunts for the video – who eventually ended up setting the organ, trees, and even a few band members, on fire with a homemade flamethrower. Thankfully, the fire was able to be extinguished by a downpour of freezing rain that stopped the fire from spreading beyond what had already been damaged.

The struggles of filming the music video speak to the pain described in the song – and the rain at the end of the shoot resembles the silver lining within all of this – and that there isn’t much hope for those longing for a better life. 

“Homesick” is out today off their new album “This Will All Happen Again” which will be out on July 21st accompanied by nine more outstanding tracks. The band’s fifth studio album will feature performances from legendary artists such as Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Mary My Hope, Faster Pussycat, Murderdolls and more – and it promises to be their most ambitious album to date. 

About Synical:

At the forefront of Synical is singer/songwriter, producer and engineer, Brian Haught, who has stuck with his concept for the band since its origins in 1989. He is joined by lifelong-friend, bassist and vocalist, David Black, as well as guitarists Eric Griffin, Jimi Echo, and Noel Page. With countless talented members’ and musical guests’ contributions throughout the years, such as the legendary John Fryer (NIN, Love & Rockets, Depeche Mode), Ivan De Prume (White Zombie), Roy Mayorga (Ministry, SoulFly, Stone Sour), Alex Carapetis (NIN, Julian Casablancas), Robin Finck (NIN, Guns N’ Roses), Cheney Brannon (Collective Soul), and Racci Shay Hart (Dope), Synical’s sound is state-of-the-art, and has developed fresh new musical stylings with each album they have released. Along the way, Synical’s music has been featured in the Gus Van Zant executive produced movie “Speedway Junky,” and gained critical acclaim from magazines, newspapers, and fans around the world.

Featured in outlets such as Metal Edge and Art & Leisure, Synical has been able to prove their in-the-know of the current music scene for decades. Their music has been described as “electrosexy,” frantic, industrious, and brooding. Some fans have even described Synical’s music as a soundtrack “for the downfall of civilization.” Synical’s lyrics offer an intelligent take on modern music with thought provoking lyrics – cleverly blending reality, truth, and futurism. For nearly three decades, Synical has remained focused on crafting modern complex music in classic styles that remain goth club ready.

Growing up surrounded and inspired by music, Brian Haught was always inspired by new ways of crafting music and sound. At 18, he joined an electronic funk band AC Black which was signed to Motown Records. After touring internationally with this group for several years, Brian decided he wanted to stick to his roots and follow his original musical quest to form the band Synical. Since its origins in 1989, Synical has featured various band members and has transitioned through many different sounds throughout the years. Brian started the musical project as a solo act, became a duo, a trio, and eventually became a full five-piece band.

Released in 1991, Synical’s very first album “The Wages of Syn ” was a testament to the techno, post-punk, and new wave influences of the group. This album pioneered new ways of utilizing synthesizers, sequencers, samplers and digital tone generators at the time. After years of gigs being based in Atlanta GA, Synical’s sound continued to evolve and became even more edgy and sharp. The EP “Killjoy” released in 1993 and second album “The Explosive Generation” in 1997 followed.

As the 1990’s came to an end, Brian realized that he needed to relocate to Los Angeles to work on his goth-dance-electronic music venture. With the help of Brian’s friend Robin Finck (Nine Inch Nails/Guns N’ Roses Guitarist), Brian moved to LA and worked with him on some of the G’N’R album demos for “Chinese Democracy,” and eventually located new band members to continue his vision for Synical. Joined by guitarist Eric Griffin, bassist Brent Ashley, and Ben Graves on drums, the group was able to play many sold out shows in the LA area at iconic venues like the Viper Room, Dragonfly, Club Lingerie, and KingKing. Synical released their 3rd album “Synical Forever” in 2004 and their fourth “Quit While You’re Behind” in 2012. After the band’s tumultuous tour of Italy, Brian then decided to further reconstruct and update Synical’s members once more – leading to where they are now.

Although still based in Hollywood CA, Brian began to feel burned out from the tepid, corporate LA music scene and started making trips back and forth from LA to Atlanta writing new songs and recording the band’s fifth album in both cities with longtime friends David Black and Jimi Echo and former Synical drummer Cheney Brannon (Collective Soul). The current musical make-up of Synical exhibits an against-the-grain mentality and time tested sound that is palpable to audiences familiar with new-wave, dark wave, and post-punk music.

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