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I can’t imagine growin’ old with anyone. Marching to a different drum, I hear a different song. I swear I love ’em all, I don’t care if they’re small, I don’t care if they’re tall, I love ’em anyway.

Spring/Summer Chicago. Yesterday in the 80’s and sunny. Today kicking off the weekend rain and overcast.

Yesterday 5/16/2023 approx. 5 PM Pneumonia Front sends temps plummeting:

As the evening sets in, temperatures will rapidly drop across the Chicago region, particularly in areas near the lake. Some locations will experience a significant decrease of 15 to 20 degrees in just a matter of minutes.

It was the very fist time I experienced this phenomenon in such a short time span. I had a 15 minute appointment in Edgewater and biked there and it was a beautiful 80 degrees which I got to enjoy while working inside and biking for about 15 minutes. When I came outside from my appointment at approx. 530PM the temp had dropped 15 degrees. WEIRD.

Max came by to help set up the studio for this Sundays PodCast which we will be filming for the network. Then we walked to Wrigleyville North for a few drinks. I was home around 1030 which is really late for me on a school night.

I spent any spare time I had dragging my camping gear out onto the back porch for inventory and organizing. The 26th is creeping closer.

I love the street art in Chicago. One day I’ll organize these into a folder on the MK ULTRA Magazine Facebook page.

This is one of the launch sites along the Sugar River. This launch site is for the very popular 3 hour paddle-Hwy EE to Sweet Minihaha Campground. However we are going on the 6 hour paddle-Attica to Sweet Minihaha Campground. The way to enjoy all of the scenes from the 1 1/2 and 3 hour trips, plus using problem solving skills to steer around obstacles and strainers (downed trees). (10.5 miles)

I’m getting too good at this I baked chicken last weekend instead of grilling. JUICY!

Went to take BIKE O NEGATIVE to the bike shop for the annual tune up only to discover someone had been nice enough to stomp the front wheel bending the rim. B.O.N. is only 1 year old and to replace the wheel which has disc brakes was more than half of what I paid for the bike. Fucking people. In 2020 during the “riots” or as the press would have it “unrest” was going on someone stole the seat off of my spare bake which was my only bike at the time. It never ends. It was nice seeing the folks at the bike shop though.

Nearly New Bikes 4075 N Broadway, Chicago, IL

My first bike ride of 2023 Saturday 5/13 and it cruised better than ever. (thanks Ron). I was out and about running errands and enjoying the weather. I had been wanting to try one of these 1921 Slider at White castle. OMMFG is it AMAZING!