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Danger in the rear view mirror, There’s trouble in the wind. Madness bringing up the rear, The menace is loose again. She looks so fuckin’ good So sexy and so frail. Something got the bite on me, I’m goin’ straight to hell.

Sunday April 30th I was on the Red Line after an appointment and bumped into Max who was on his way to a movie. We stopped at Tac Quick and had a drink. I still had lots of BBQ to eat from the day before.

Saturday April 29 I set the studio back up, went to an appointment and then started on the BBQ Ribs. Lots of fun show’s coming in May/June

Earlier in the week I went shopping for sauces and baby back ribs. I also wanted some Lone Star Beer to have with the BBQ as its my chosen BBQ beer. I was completely dumbfounded when I could not find it an any stores, grocery or liquor stores. SO I had to order 3 6 packs.

I actually really liked the Modelo Chelada Beer even though its VERY salty.

I had these on for 3 hours and they came out amazingly tender and juicy. I really wish Amy could have been her for it. I have the feeling I’ll be BBQing for her sooner than later.

Woke up early Sunday 4/30 morning and sat outside with coffee. This is how I love spending my mornings at home.