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The MK ULTRA Interview: Kevin Bleu of Sex Gang Children

Interview by John Wisniewski for MK ULTRA Magazine

The following interview is with Kevin Bleu, Drummer for the legendary Goth rock band Sex Gang Children. Interview this interview, Kevin speaks about knowing Andi Sex Gang, not having opinions on Goth, and his up and coming projects. Sex Gang Children began in 1983, and featured Lead singer Andi Sex Gang. The band released a number of albums and eventually broke up in the later 80s. Kevin is now playing with the band Dirty Viv and DJs regularly, which he enjoys. – JW

John Wisniewski: What are you currently working on, Kevin?

Kevin Bleu: I’m currently trying to learn Dirty Viv songs for a gig supporting Those Naughty
Lamps this evening. In the longer term I’ve recently joined Rubella Ballet, so I’ve been
rehearsing with Sid and Zillah. I have my own label (Transmission Boutique Record Label
London) although that is on the back burner at the moment. I collect records and I DJ, which I love. And I have close ties with Matthew Saw (Selfish Cunt) and his project Unstoppable Believers).

John Wisniewski: How did you meet Andi Sex Gang to join Sex Gang Children?

Kevin Bleu: I can’t really remember how I met Andi Sex Gang, I seem to know him forever.
But I think probably first met him at a gig (possibly at the Clarendon) circa 1982. But I applied formally to join SGC late ’83/early ’84, which involved an interview at the old CBS offices and an audition at a rehearsal studio in Camden.

John Wisniewski: What were the early days like for the band like?

Kevin Bleu: My early days in SGC were a bit of a whirlwind! It was just a question of working
hard rehearsing and trying to get up to speed playing the older songs (from Song and Legend) and working on new material, that would eventually end up on the “Blind” LP.
We toured the UK and the US soon after I joined, so it was a pretty tight schedule.

John Wisniewski: Did you play The Bat Cave?

Kevin Bleu: I have to admit, I never played The Batcave (a little before my time)! Although Sex Gang Children played at the 25th anniversary Show in 2008 (along with Specimen), which was great fun. And I recently attended the Batcave LP (Young Limbs Rise Again) launch party and the preview of the 40th anniversary exhibition at the Museum of Youth Culture.

John Wisniewski: Who was the songwriter for Sex Gang Children?

Kevin Bleu: By the time I joined Sex Gang(in 1984), Andi was very much the driving force of the band, he was fairly prolific at both writer and producer. Terry contributed a couple of tracks to “Blind” and was of course very involved with that album. But I think that he was probably for his own project (Power to Dream) by then, so I don’t remember him writing much new material for SGC.

John Wisniewski: Who are some of your favorite artists?

Kevin Bleu: My favorite music artists are predominantly from my youth, such as Bowie,
Roxy Music and T.Rex. But my tastes are all over the place! Ranging from dub reggae to Soul, Krautrock to experimental electronic music. And I love seeing new bands. I really like Deadletter and Thus Love currently, and I’m looking forward to seeing Black Doldrums this coming Friday and Blue Bendy in a couple of weeks…Also I ‘m off to Pasadena for the Cruel World Festival, so I’ll catch heritage artists including Iggy Pop and the Human League.

John Wisniewski: What is your opinion of the current Goth scene?

Kevin Bleu: I haven’t really got an opinion on the current Goth scene, as I don’t profess to
know anything about it! In truth I was never really a fan per SE of ‘goth’ as a genre, although I liked The Birthday Party, Virgin Prunes and Bauhaus. And the fashion element was really
appealing and seems to be back on the catwalk.

John Wisniewski: Any future plans and projects?

Kevin Bleu: I ‘m basically a ‘say yes’ kind of person! so if I’m asked to contribute to a project that appeals to me, then I’ll say yes and worry about the practicalities later! Although this often means I’m juggling various projects at the same time. I manage my time well and my family is understanding and supportive, which is a great help. My immediate future is really focused on rehearsing with Rubella Ballet. We have a lot planned for later this year and 2024, starting with a headline slot at Rebellion Festival in August. I still write (music), although I haven’t really a vehicle for that currently. And I’d like to put outsome new music (by an artist called Extractor Fan) on my new label. Onwards and upwards!