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Projekt Records Turns 40!

Projekt Records’ 40th anniversary in 2023!

Portland-based Projekt Records, home to Steve Roach, Aurelio Voltaire, Black Tape For A Blue Girl, Lycia, Erik Wøllo and many more, celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2023. Over the years, a two-genre approach has consistently covered both the electronic/ambient and goth/darkwave realms. Projekt’s noteworthy and boundary-pushing darkwave acts established the label in the 90’s as the American counterpart to England’s famed 4AD. Lycia, Love Spirals Downwards, Lovesliescrushing and the aforementioned Black Tape For A Blue Girl each pioneered their own unique Darkwave sound. During the label’s heyday in the dark genres from 1992-1997, Lycia toured with Type O Negative, counting Peter Steele as one of the label’s biggest fans. Voltaire’s 1998 Projekt debut, The Devil’s Bris remains a classic of the genre. Projekt released more than 75 Steve Roach titles (two were even Grammy-nominated), is reissuing Michael Stearns’ classic catalog, and released an LP of 1995’s beloved dark Christmas album Excelsis which warranted multiple sequels, Unto Ashes & Thanatos continue to release new music as well. With over 67 million tracks streamed in 2022, their roster grows with a biweekly schedule of new and classic titles adding to the 650+ albums. Founder Sam Rosenthal has helped Projekt thrive throughout the decades where so many other labels have perished; to this day Projekt continues to nurture the careers of its highly select roster of artists.

Listen to a Projekt40 playlist at Spotify: