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Her eyes were cobalt red. Her voice was cobalt blue. I see no purple light, Crashing out of you. So just walk on in. Flowers on the razor wire.

Oy Vey! I had a very big burst of creative energy on Monday after work. I spent over 4 hours scouring an old computer for photos I’ve lost when my Facebook got hacked in June and the MK ULTRA site in August. Far from what I had records of from over 20 years of work I made some progress The next thing I knew 5 hours had passed and i needed to sleep. I have work 12 day and an appointment with a new doctor in the afternoon. Wednesday after work was busy and Thursday I need to get some plans squared away for the ANGEL this weekend, and EXXOTICA and Camping. The hardest part is getting other people on the same page. You snooze, you lose. Being the person that takes care of everyone else is getting old.

Work keeps me busy and sane. So getting back into work after work keeps me well adjusted and in line. Those months not having the website and spending time and money that got me nowhere was miserable. It was literally nearly half a year. Having drinks after work became too easy and Josh sent endless hours on the phone with GoDaddy every night for months. They were unable to deliver upon their promise, so we started from scratch, and I must admit I’m happy with the current state of this entity even though I’m missing thousands of hours of hard work from over the years. There is still a LOT of work that needs to be done.

Tomorrow I go into the city in the morning to meet Ashley at the art Institute for the Salvador Dali exhibit. I’m sure it’ll be an adventure as she’s assured me she’ll still be in party mode from today/St. Patrick’s Day. I haven’t seen her in a while so I’m sure it’ll be worth it. What I’ll do after is anyone’s guess. I’ll need to rest up for an early train ride to the burbs and meet Bob for ANGEL our first concert of the year. This is something else that suddenly became more trouble as the date got closer and a band member had a condition in order for me to get on the list.

I’d seen a Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute during a private party with a big law firm around 20 yrs ago. I skipped it last time as I’m not a fan. The last time I went was in 2019 for the Andy Warhol showing just before COVID. My poor date was so sick but was a trooper. I’m kinda excited about this one and Ash is a huge art fan so it will be a nice experience.

With Ashley at The Bearded Lady Lounge Sept 2022
One of the few traditions when I visit Bob is getting my hands on KING SIZE ZERO Bars

This was on my gate when I got home from grocery shopping Wednesday night. The description sounds mouth watering right? I sent this to Amy and she commented that we’d need to go. Well, I was hungry and couldn’t wait and ordered it for dinner last night as a QUESABIRRIA Quesadilla and two QUESABIRRIA Tacos. Its a good thing I did

Of my 24 years living in Chicago I’ve never had anything so bland and lacking of flavor that this order. To make it worse it was incredibly greasy…..dripping with grease and my stomach hated me for it. I will warn people o this place. How can it be Mexican with no flavor at all. I put Jalapeno salt on all of it and it didn’t help. a $30 plus mistake.

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After work I went to Lincoln Park Wal Mart Market to pick up my Rx and do some food shopping. It was nice because I wasn’t in a hurry for once. I decided for the first time to return home by taking the Diversey Bus to Brown Line CTA do the Belmont Transfer (haha) to the Red Line home. 

There was a 9 min wait for the next bus and an old Hispanic lady with an over full cart was waiting the longest. I let her know that it was almost here and told her to go in front of me. She said thank you and we waited a few minutes and she saw my Vallas badge. She smiled and in her broken English told me she has one too and that she hopes he’s elected because she’s always afraid to go out in fear of getting robbed. She talked about how these criminals are always getting out the next day and I told her I’ve met and talked with Vallas and that he’s a very good guy. She then asked if she could vote early. It was so sweet Amy. Then a black woman cut in front of the line and got on the bus before the driver could let the ramp out for her so I picked up her basket and put it in. 

She was getting off at my stop so I waited while the ramp was put out so she could go first. She was adorable and it felt good to know that there are people that feel the way we do. She didn’t vote for Chuy due to race either. She voted for Vallas.

Seven years ago

prepping for surgery
This thing was AMAZING from Valerie in
TX and Christy in Colorado