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review by Paul J Baio

At it’s core, Babylon is about the transition of silent movies to talkies and how it affected the actors of the silent era. It also explores the debauchery of early Hollywood, and how the industry can corrupt and destroy people. Sadly the movie has no clear vision as it flops back and forth through various genres. At first it’s a quirky black comedy that transitions into softcore porn, then flips to gross out comedy, and then back to softcore porn. Then it’s a drama, then a dramedy, then gross out comedy again. Then it’s a gangster horror movie, and then drama again. Eventually, it’s a salute to the advancement of cinema. What?! yeah, it’s like a bad acid trip. I wish the genre Damien Chazelle stuck with was quirky black comedy, as those were the scenes I enjoyed the most. If genre roulette was a choice, it was a bad one. Other than that, the art direction and cinematography are amazing. Is it worth seeing? If you enjoy nostalgia, lots of nudity, rapid editing, and saying WTF a lot, then yes. Oh and, leave the kids at home.